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K-12 Programs

  • Afternoon Camp

    Manhattan College is excited to offer Afternoon Camp for your child’s summer fun. The campers will enjoy the lush green environment of the Manhattan College campus to build memories that will last a lifetime. 
  • After School Program

    The Manhattan College after school program provides children in grades K-3 with enrichment in science, math, engineering, technology-based subjects, and the arts.
  • Language Camp

    The Manhattan College Language Camp offers young students the opportunity to learn a language of their choosing in a supportive setting.
  • Learning Skills for K-12

    The Manhattan College Learning Skills for K-12 provides young learners from kindergarten to 12th-grade math, science, reading, chess, cooking, and writing support. 
  • Online Summer STEAM Camp

    The Manhattan College Online Summer STEAM Camp is a great way to enhance your STEAM skills, working directly with our counselors and your friends online, at any location you feel most comfortable.
  • Summer Day Camp

    The Manhattan College Summer Day Camp is a great STEAM program for children ages 6-12 that engages their interests and creativity. The program runs from Monday to Friday.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Camp Online

    During this three week program, participants will develop a business venture starting with an idea and ending with an actual product or service. 
  • Couseling Youth by Promoting Healthy Emotional Reflection Program

    The  Counseling Youth by Promoting Healthy Emotional Reflection Program (CYPHER) program is open to young learners, grades seven through twelve, who are interested in writing, recording, and performing hip-hop music.