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Poverty in Education

CSFE will initially focus on an examination of the complex issue of poverty and the impact it has on education. The research on poverty crosses disciplinary lines as researchers examine the physical, social, emotional, psychological, and educational impact of growing up in poverty. Our goal is to begin to establish an understanding of poverty and the effect it can have on students and then to examine effective strategies for working with these students. Through a dedicated Moodle site, interested individuals can contribute to a discussion on the topic.

St. John Baptist de La Salle is known as the innovator of modern pedagogy for his work establishing schools to educate disadvantaged children in 17th century France. Manhattan College follows the spirit of the founder by being responsive to the needs of the current time and place. The College is committed to education as a power to change lives, with a special commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty through a quality education.


NYC Department of Social Services Speech

New York City Department of Social Services Commissioner Steven Banks gave a speech discussing issues of homelessness in NYC at the 139th CityLaw Breakfast in 2016.

Watch Video & Read Event Recap

Homelessness in NYC Report

"Turning the Tide on Homelessness in New York City" examines the problem of homelessness and how the City is working to solve it. Produced by the Mayor's Office and the Department of Social Services, the report was published in February 2017.

Read the Report

Homeless Students Report

"Hidden in Plain Sight Homeless Students in America’s Public Schools"  examines the growing problem of homelessness by interviewing and surveying currently and formerly homeless students and the state coordinators and local liaisons assigned to help them. Written by a team of researchers, the study was supported by the Raikes Foundation, the Kresge Foundation, among others. The report came out in June of 2016. 

 Read The Report

Life Span Development Report

"Our Work: A Framework for Accelerating Progress for Children & Youth in America" reviews research from the past 20 years and examines the questions How can we take what’s been learned and accelerate progress for young people in America, especially for those young people who are most vulnerable?  and How can we create the conditions for success for more young people, more quickly? The report was produced by America's Promise Alliance.

Read the Report