Jennifer C Edwards, PHD

Jennifer C Edwards, PHD

Associate Professor

Department : History

Email :

Phone : 718-862-7317

Office : MGL 401


PHD, University of Illinois
MA, University of Illinois
BA, U. of Massachusetts Amherst


Medieval Europe, particularly France and England; ancient Mediterranean world; Church history, with a focus on monasticism and the cult of saints; women and gender studies; history of violence; history of deviance, disease, and disability

Publications & Professional Activities

  • Book manuscript in progress: Superior Women: Medieval Female Authority in Poitiers' Abbey of Sainte-Croix, revised version of 2008 PhD dissertation “The Sweetness of Suffering: Community, Conflict, and the Cult of Saint Radegund in Medieval Poitiers.”
  • “My Sister for Abbess: Fifteenth-Century Power Disputes over the Abbey of Sainte-Croix, Poitiers,” Journal of Medieval History 40, no. 1 (2014): 85-107.
  • “Reading Telemachus through Orestes: Using the Oresteia to explain The Odyssey,” The Classical Outlook 90, no. 1 (2012): 1-3.
  • “‘Man Can be Subject to Woman’: Female Monastic Authority in Fifteenth-Century Poitiers” Gender & History 25, no. 1 (2013): 86-106.  Co-runner up for the 2013 Society for French Studies Malcolm Bowie Prize.
  • “Their Cross to Bear: Controversy and the Relic of the True Cross in Poitiers,” Essays in Medieval Studies 24 (2007).
  • Review of “Preaching in the Age of Chaucer: Selected Sermons in Translation,” by Siegfried Wenzel, Medieval Sermon Studies 55 (2011): 94-95.
  • Review of “Signs of Devotion: The Cult of St. AEthelthryth in Medieval England, 695-1615,” by Virginia Blanton, for Medieval Feminist Forum 45, no. 2 (2009)
  • Review of Brian Golding, “Conquest and Colonisation: The Normans in Britain, 1066–1100” for The Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 3, no. 2 (2002).


“Holy Healing: Defining Boundaries between Medical and Spiritual Healing in Medieval England,” Berkshire Conference of Women Historians, Toronto, May 2014

"Competition between Medical and Spiritual Healing in Medieval Miracle Stories," Invited paper for "The Healing Arts Across the Mediterranean" colloquium, Rutgers University Medieval Studies Program, March 2014

“Election Disputes and Medieval Women,” Invited Lecture, Rhode Island College, March 2012

“Casting, Plotting, and Enchanting: Morgan(a) and Guinevere/Gwen in Starz’s Camelot and the BBC’s Merlin,” 26th Annual International Conference on Medievalism, October 2011

“Reading Telemachus through Orestes: Using the Oresteia to explain The Odyssey,” Association for Core Texts and Courses Seventeenth Annual Conference, April 2011

“My Sister for Abbess: Election Disputes at Sainte-Croix in Fifteenth-Century Poitiers,” Society for French Historical Studies Annual Meeting, February 2011

“Female Power and Monastic Reform: Fifteenth-Century Abbesses of Fontevraud and Sainte-Croix,” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, January 2011

“Petty Nobility in Serious Contests: Marking Poitiers' Religious Spaces,” International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 2010

“Gendering Space and Power in Fifteenth-Century Poitiers,” International Medieval Society, Paris Sixth Annual Symposium, June 2009

“Power Plays and Feast Day Celebrations in Fifteenth-Century Poitiers,” Forty-Fourth International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 2009

“Poitiers’ Revolting Nuns,” Forty-Second International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 2007

Honors & Awards

Co-Runner up for the 2013 Society for French Studies Malcolm Bowie Prize for “‘Man Can be Subject to Woman’: Female Monastic Authority in Fifteenth-Century Poitiers” Gender & History 25, no. 1 (2013): 86-106.  

Professional Memberships

  • American Historical Association
  • Medieval Academy of America
  • Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship (Advisory Board member 2013-present)


National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar “Health and Disease in the Middle Ages,” London 2012

Manhattan College Summer Grant 2009, 2012.

Courses Taught/Teaching

HIST 200      Introduction to the Study of History
HIST 217      World History to 1600
HIST 304      Europe in the Middle Ages
HIST 319      The Crusades
HIST 490      Senior Seminar:The Body
HIST 498      Ind Sty
HIST 498      Independent Study
LLRN 102      Classical Origins: West Culture

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