Coronavirus Information | March 9, 2020

We continue to closely follow the potential public threat posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

To the Manhattan College community,

Out of an abundance of caution and in light of recent developments related to coronavirus (COVID-19), all classes are suspended for Tuesday, March 10 and will resume online on Wednesday, March 11. Students and faculty should use Tuesday to make sure they are equipped to move to online learning beginning March 11, including having hardware, software, printed materials, bandwidth, and all other resources necessary for success. All classes that currently meet online will meet uninterrupted on Tuesday, March 10. If you have any issues with connecting to online learning software, email

All classes will continue to meet online during the week of March 23, after our scheduled undergraduate spring break. A decision will be made during that week as to whether we will resume face-to-face classes during the week of March 30.

There are still no confirmed or suspected cases of this virus at Manhattan College. The College will remain open and employees are expected to report as usual. We are taking these actions in an effort to provide, preventatively, the safest possible environment for our students, faculty, and staff. As such, the College will be monitoring developments from the CDC and New York State and New York City Department of Health, and may have to make adjustments to our operations depending on the evolution of the virus. 

College Events

We are cancelling all College-sponsored events on campus until further notice. We will follow guidance from the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association with regard to planned intercollegiate athletics events. As of today, there have been no changes in the schedules of our athletic teams and the MAAC Basketball Tournament will proceed as scheduled. 

Residence Halls

Students are encouraged to leave their residence halls as soon as possible, but may stay on until our planned closing at 8 p.m. on Friday, March 13. Please take required belongings with you for this duration.

Spring Break will take place from Saturday, March 14 through Sunday, March 22 as planned. Students are encouraged to stay home during the week of March 23, but will be allowed to return to the residence halls on the evening of Sunday, March 22. If a resident opts to return to the residence halls during the week of March 23, Residence Life requests those residents to notify our office through the MyHousing Portal by Friday, March 20.

International students who are unable to return home will be allowed to remain in their residence halls. Students who have not already done so should apply for Spring Break housing through the MyHousing Portal for authorization to stay, or to return early to their residence hall.  

Please email if you have any questions about returning to campus. Students who are asked or required to self-monitor/quarantine based on guidelines from the New York City Department of Health should remain home and fill out this form. These students, as well as any COVID-19 infected students will not be allowed to live in College housing. 

Travel Guidelines

Effective immediately, College-sponsored student domestic AND international travel will be suspended until further notice. This is in an update from the policy as of Friday, March 6, suspending all personal international travel for all students. We will follow guidance from the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association with regard to planned intercollegiate athletics events.

Effective immediately, we are also suspending non-essential College-sponsored/related  domestic travel for faculty, administrators, and staff. This, too, is an update to the previous communication suspending ALL College related international travel for all employees of the College. Please consult with Human Resources AND the Office of the Provost or your area Vice President with any questions. 

We strongly discourage international spring break travel and ask our community to use their judgment when deciding when and how to travel. Any member of the Manhattan College community (student, faculty or staff) who has traveled internationally within the last 30 days must:

  • complete this confidential health form prior to your return;
  • self-monitor off campus in accordance with guidance from NYCDOH. Most self-monitoring will last a minimum of 14 days;
  • and contact your health provider for additional instructions.

We also are in contact with Study Abroad students, specifically those studying in Spain, and are strongly encouraging their return to the United States.


We have received questions about the possibility of reimbursement for College-sponsored travel. As each situation is different, we ask that you provide full documentation of your case to your direct supervisor if you have questions. We ask for your patience as these situations vary greatly and immediate answers may not be available.

Guidelines for Employees

Faculty and staff who are well are expected at work as usual. Well employees are expected at work unless they have been:

  • caring for someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, in which case they are required to self-quarantine and self-monitor;
  • in a CDC Level 3 area of concern;
  • instructed to refrain from attending work by public health officials.

If any employees experience any respiratory symptoms, please contact your primary care physician immediately for direction, avoid class/work, and stay at home until you have been cleared by a healthcare provider. 

We will continue to keep employees updated on the evolving situation. If you have any additional concerns, please contact Human Resources at (718) 862-7392.

Health and Safety

The Sodexo environmental services team is increasing the daily frequency of sanitizing and disinfecting throughout the campus. The introduction of a hospital grade disinfectant approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, and an increase of staff, during high volume key intervals of the day, dedicated to the sanitizing of areas, specifically wiping door knobs, push plates, light fixtures, elevator access buttons and other high touch areas, in addition to more frequent servicing of public restrooms, should greatly mitigate against the possible spread of any infectious diseases.

Our Lasallian Mission

In closing, please remember to treat all members of our community, no matter their age, race, gender, with civility and respect. Infectious diseases are neither confined to nor the responsibility of any one ethnic group. 

This evolving public health issue is of concern to the global community. It has impacted individuals from diverse cultures and faiths, and at all levels of education and economic circumstance. It abruptly reminds us of our profound connection to one another, as part of the human family. As a Lasallian institution, let us draw upon the opportunity of this moment to renew our commitment to respect and care for each member of our campus community.

While some anxiety about the uncertainty of this developing situation can be expected, please know that we are monitoring it very carefully.  We will continue to be thoughtful and collaborative in our institutional response, keeping the well-being of students, faculty and staff at the center of all decisions.

Please visit for any additional updates on this situation. You may also email us at  


Brennan O’Donnell, Ph.D., President

William Clyde, Ph.D., Provost

Richard Satterlee, Ph.D., Vice President of Student Life

Barbara Fabe, Vice President of Human Resources

By MC Staff