Tips for Perfecting Your Manhattan College Application

From the office of Admissions and Financial Aid, here’s advice on how to submit an application to Manhattan College that stands out.

  • 1. The Personal Essay (Be Yourself!)

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    The essay portion of the college application should reflect who you are as a student, and highlight your personal and academic journey. Share a personal anecdote, and write how you would speak — use your words, not SAT words. Read these 9 essay writing tips for ‘wow’-ing admissions officers. 
  • 2. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

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    Proofreading your college essay is super important but is often overlooked by high school seniors. It sounds simple to do, but students don't realize how easy it is for us to spot an essay that has not been proofread.
  • 3. Get Involved (But Show Commitment)

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    It is important that students are involved throughout their years in high school, but we also look for commitment. For example, a student who is an active participant in the jazz band for all four years stands out to us more than a senior who lists 10 clubs that they had recently joined. Also, bonus points for part-time jobs, community service, Girl Scouts and Eagle Scouts achievements, religious retreats and youth groups, national honor societies, research and so forth.
  • 4. Submit All of the Application Requirements

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    Visit this page for a complete list of required materials for applying to Manhattan College, as well as important dates and deadlines. You must submit all of these documents to be considered for admission to the College.
  • 5. Enjoy Your Senior Year

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    Have fun. Enjoy the remainder of your time in high school!
By Christine Loughran