Princeton Review Includes Manhattan as One of Its Best 384 Colleges

Students praise Manhattan College’s faculty and campus life in the newest edition.

Grishma Shah and students in classroomManhattan College was included in The Princeton Review’s newest edition of its college guide, The Best 384 Colleges. Manhattan was also named one of the best colleges in the Northeast, according to The Princeton Review survey that asked students from across the country to rate their schools on dozens of topics and report their experiences.

In the guide’s profile on Manhattan, students overwhelmingly praise “outstanding” professors who are “not only outstanding in fields they teach, but they also care very deeply for their students.” The guide cites Manhattan students who note that the faculty provides “an academic experience where one is able to connect the theory behind a certain subject to practical real world applications.”

The guide goes on to quote students who say Manhattan College’s location—last stop on the 1 train—can’t be beat for ease into the more bustling parts of the city, but if you stay on campus, “the size of the school is large enough that there are plenty of people to meet and activities to participate in.”

One of The Princeton Review’s most popular guides, The Best 384 Colleges rankings are based on surveys of 138,000 students at 384 top colleges that includes a wide representation by region, size, selectivity and character. The Princeton Review site has more information on its rankings and methodology.

By Pete McHugh