Manhattan College Now Offers Minor in Chinese

Undergraduate students have the ability to learn the most spoken language in the world.

library_768.jpg Within the department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Manhattan College is now offering a minor in the Chinese language for all undergraduate students.

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, and the minor will allow students to gain skills for jobs in international business, economics, science, engineering, government, law, education, religion, health professions and many other fields.

“I'm minoring in Chinese because I feel that as one of the most dominant languages in a world that is quickly becoming more interconnected, knowing such an influential language and understanding the culture it is derived from is beneficial for professional success,” says Jacob Sarasin ’19, a psychology major.

The minor focuses on proficiency in conversation, grammar, reading, composition and an appreciation and knowledge of the Chinese culture, while using New York City as an immersive classroom. Students minoring in Chinese will have the opportunity to go to plays, concerts, lectures, and take trips to museums throughout the four Chinatowns located in New York City.

Course requirements for a minor in Chinese include: Introduction to the Study of Chinese (CHIN 102), Intermediate Mandarin Chinese I (CHIN 201), Intermediate Mandarin Chinese II (CHIN 202), Advanced Mandarin Chinese I (CHIN 301) and Advanced Mandarin Chinese II (CHIN 302).

For more information, interested students can visit or contact Marlene Gottlieb, Ph.D., chair of the Modern Languages and Literatures department, at

By Pete McHugh