Nearly 90% of Class of 2016 Reports Being Employed or in Graduate School

A survey from the Office of Career Pathways shows a large majority of Manhattan College graduates landing in their chosen fields.

Based on a survey distributed by Manhattan College’s Office of Career Pathways to the graduating class of 2016, 88% of the class of 2016 reported that they are employed or in graduate school. For those that reported being employed full-time, 84% reported that their employment is related to their field of study and 86% indicated it is in their desired industry. Of the total members of the graduating class, 94% responded to the survey, including 99% of May 2016 graduates.

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The median base salary of the class of 2016 graduates that accepted employment was $50,000-60,000 for students working full-time. The average salary reported from individual reported salaries was $55,715, excluding fellowship and service program stipends.

The vast internship and employment opportunities in New York City were evident throughout the survey. 76% of the class of 2016 reported having at least one internship during their time at Manhattan College and 64% reported having a paid internship. Students that had a paid internship were significantly less likely to still be seeking graduate school or employment (6%) vs. those who had no experiences related to their field of study (20%).

Engineering topped the list of industries with 26% of students that accepted employment entering the engineering industry. Another 9% entered the business industry, while 12% entered the finance and accounting industry.

With respect to mission, about 5% of class of 2016 graduates accepted public service jobs in the government, advocacy roles or fellowships in service including AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, FEMA, Lasallian Volunteers and Jesuit Volunteer Corps. In addition, about 8% of 2016 graduates that accepted employment are working in education.

By Pete McHugh