Mapping Memories: The Class of 2017 Looks Back on Defining Moments

Most Jaspers remember the first time they stepped foot on the Quad or saw the Chapel's cupola rise above Riverdale from the window of the 1 train. These experiences feed into the unique sense of place that defines a Manhattan College career. As their time at the College comes to an end, we asked our seniors to plot one point on a map of the world — from Riverdale to Reykjavik — to share with us where their favorite Jasper moment took place.

Zoom in and out using your mouse or the + and - controls on the map to see more Jasper memories.

Featured Moments

  • Siobhan Connor, management major

    Siobhan Connor
    Smith Auditorium: Being Elle in Legally Blonde the Musical

    I’ve been a part of Players since I came here as a freshman, and I have the performing arts scholarship. This is one of my dream roles, and to have it be here with all of the friends that I’ve made was really just amazing — I can’t explain it any other way. I’ve been on the board of Players for the past three years, and I’ve gotten to direct and be a performer, and be in every type of show that we’ve done, and Legally Blonde was hands-down, my favorite part of it, it was so great.

  • Dorian Persaud, mathematics major

    Dorian Persaud
    Fifth Avenue: Marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

    “The reason I put the St. Patrick’s Day Parade as one of my favorite moments is because as I was walking up Fifth Avenue, I got to hear all the people screaming ‘Go Jaspers!’ instead of saying, ‘Where’s Manhattan College?’ The first time I marched was the year we won our MAAC Championship, and then the next year I did it again, and we won back-to-back years, so the crowd was going crazy, everybody knew who we were. I remember, while I was marching up Fifth Avenue, there was a little boy being held up in the air by his mom, and I ran out of the line to go give him a high five.”

  • Maddie Huggins, psychology and communications major & Kelly Freeman, accounting major

    Maddie Huggins and Kelly Freeman
    Browning, Montana: L.O.V.E. Montana

    “I chose Browning, Montana as my favorite Jasper moment because I think L.O.V.E. programs are one of the best experiences that this school has to offer, and Browning, in particular, was just a really special trip. We got to work with the Blackfeet tribe, and it was just an experience you probably wouldn’t get to have anywhere else.” -Maddie

    “I knew very little about Native Americans, and I wanted to learn more about a culture within our own country. This trip was my introduction to what it means to be Lasallian, and it taught me the principles of social justice. Ever since my return from Montana as a freshman, I have worked on the L.O.V.E. board handling various operations of the program and have gone on many other trips since. Being a part of the L.O.V.E. program has been an essential aspect of my time here at Manhattan these past four years.” -Kelly 

  • Daniel Ynfante, communication major

    Daniel Ynfante
    Kelly 412: Quadrangle meetings
    “My favorite Jasper moment is undoubtedly the memories I have in room 412 of the Kelly Commons, where I assisted with Quadrangle meetings every Tuesday. My career aspirations grew as part of the school newspaper. The Quadrangle provided me with real world experiences in journalism, and I am forever grateful for the valuable lessons I learned with The Quad.”
  • Kimberly Pusey, radiation therapy major & Michaelann Agel, peace studies major

    Kim and Michaelann
    Lee Hall: The Arches Program

    “Arches is where I pretty much met my core group of friends, and I’m still friends with them today. I couldn’t really have asked for a better group of people to bond with freshman year. A family away from home was great to have.” -Kim

    “I come from California, so when I first got here, it was really important for me to make a family, and I made my family in Arches. She and I have been friends since day one, and we’re still best friends four years later.” -Michaelann
  • Mohammed Almoabadi, mechanical engineering major

    Mohammed Almoabadi
    Research and Learning Center: Passing Through on the Journey
    “I spent most of my time in RLC. It’s where I met a lot of friends and worked on projects. I wrote on the map ‘محمد مرّ من هنا’ which means ‘Mohammed passed through here,’ in Arabic. As a foreign student from Saudi Arabia, it’s been the best experience I’ve ever had, and I’m glad that I came here. I love New York. I go home every six months, and I soon as I finish hugging my mother for the first two weeks, I’ll just miss New York and I want to come back.”
  • Sarah Caruso, communication major

    Placeholder TK
    Viacom Building: Interning with Paramount Pictures
    “I chose the Viacom building in Times Square as my favorite Jasper moment. I interned with Paramount Pictures national publicity from September to May of my senior year. This internship has helped me to find my passion for film publicity, and I have gotten to work some New York premieres. I love the building, too — last semester I used to get lunch in the Viacom cafe on the days I was in with a friend and fellow Jasper who was interning for Nickelodeon!”
  • José Carrera, finance major

    José Carrera
    Miami, Florida: Jaspers vs. FIU baseball game
    “I chose Miami, Florida, because every year for baseball we take a trip down there to play Florida International University (FIU). On that trip, I get to play in front of all my friends and family since that's my hometown. My best moment at Manhattan was being able to play baseball while having my parents watch me play, because that's how I grew up playing this game I love so much.”
By MC Staff