Brother Raymond Meagher to Retire After More than 20 Years at Manhattan College

The longtime School of Education and Health professor will be moving on to the next chapter of his life at the end of the spring semester.

br. raymond meagher

Often seen on the Quad encircled by a lively group of students either tossing around a beach ball or jumping through hula hoops, Brother Raymond Meagher, FSC, Ph.D., affectionately referred to as “Br. Ray,” will be moving on to the next chapter of his life at the end of this semester. He has served as a leader, educator and friend to many during his tenure at Manhattan’s School of Education and Health, which includes 15 years of full-time teaching and seven years as an adjunct instructor.

Inspired by a teacher at the Catholic elementary school he attended and the Lasallian values of the Christian Brothers, Br. Ray knew he had to “follow the voice in [his] head” and make a difference in the world of education. Led by his faith, he humbly states it has been his pleasure to engage and work with students as they prepare to teach in the 21st century.

Br. Ray jokes that he does not like the word “retirement.”

“I just feel that God has a new adventure for me somewhere, and it is time to check it out,” he says. “God has given me so many great days, but I feel he may have some new possibilities for me.”

And that, through the years, is true: Br. Ray has had an abundance of good days at Manhattan. For the last 14 years, he has served as the counselor of the Mu Sigma chapter of the international education honor society Kappa Delta Pi. In that time, the chapter has won six consecutive Achieving Chapter Excellence awards and has taken Lasallian service-learning trips all across the globe, most recently to Belfast, Northern Ireland. Br. Ray says being a part of Kappa Delta Pi has been his proudest accomplishment at Manhattan.

During his tenure, Br. Ray has also received Distinguished Lasallian Educator Awards from both Manhattan College and the District of Eastern North America.

As he prepares to draw up the final lesson plans of his College career, Br. Ray concludes that the formula for having a successful classroom includes building community, being a role model for students, and forming lasting relationships with them. He abides by the Maya Angelou quote, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

In addition to providing an exciting learning experience, Br. Ray strongly believes in making students feel good, valued, respected and special. He is grateful that throughout his teaching career, they have made him feel the same way.

“I know I’m who I am today because I knew you,” Br. Ray says, as a parting message of thanks to all of the people who have made a lasting impact on his life. “I’ve been changed in so many ways because I know you. You will always be a handprint on my heart. You have come into my life for a reason, and my life has changed for the good -- forever. You have made me feel joy, hope, pride, and happiness. You have made me feel courageous, energized, inspired, honored, humbled, and altogether grateful.”

MC Staff