President O'Donnell Announces Post-Election Dialogue on Campus

To the Manhattan College Community,

Following the presidential election result, I am aware that this hard fought and divisive campaign has understandably left many in our community with deep concerns on how to move forward.

It is an extraordinary time in our nation’s history, but it is also an extraordinary opportunity to come together to discuss issues that were raised during the campaign and how we can reconcile the huge divisions between individuals in our country.

I understand that uniting together and finding common ground may not be easy, but it is vital to respect our democratic institutions and laws. It is also vital to provide an inclusive community, respect all people, embrace concern for the poor and maintain faith in the presence of God.

Over the next week, starting tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 11, we will host events for students, faculty and staff to provide opportunities for the entire community to engage in constructive dialogue regarding the election’s impact and how we move forward.

As we have done in the leadup to Election Day, we are committed to preserving a safe and civil environment for everyone. During this time, we have a moral obligation to work together for a better understanding of all views within our community.

We will continue to find healing in the good that our community embodies every day and move forward. We will continue to work together, live together and pray together as Americans and as Jaspers.


Brennan O’Donnell


Manhattan College

MC Staff