Manhattan College is Top Rated Catholic School in PayScale College ROI Rankings

The College places in the top six percent in return on investment among all colleges and universities.

In PayScale’s annual College Return on Investment Report, Manhattan College was ranked the top Catholic college for earning potential and career readiness upon graduation. The College ranked in the top six percent, 30th among private colleges and universities and 55th among the 962 schools included in the list.

Manhattan College’s 20-year net return on investment is $615,000, calculated as the difference between 20-year median pay for a bachelor’s degree graduate and 24-year median pay for a high school graduate minus the total four-year cost.

"For most people, college is one of the largest expenses they'll ever take on, so it makes sense to think about it like any other financial investment," said Aubrey Bach, PayScale's head of alumni analytics. "We created the College ROI Report to help students and their families understand the long-term implications of their decisions about school and major."

The survey found that graduates of Manhattan are working in a number of different fields, including the consulting, engineering services, and telecommunications industries. A large chunk of former Manhattan students are employed in the civil engineering services industry; in fact, it is the most popular job sector for this population. Manhattan students go on to make comfortable salaries after graduation, a trend consistent with the above-average SAT scores reported by this group. Following graduation, Manhattan College students earn a typical median mid-career salary (10+ years experience in their field) of $112,000.

Manhattan College was recently ranked among the top 100 schools on Forbes’ Best Value Colleges ranking and consistently ranks among the top schools in national surveys that assess return on investment, the value of a degree and graduate salaries.

By Pete McHugh