School of Business Launches Online MBA Bridge Courses

For the first time ever, Manhattan College will offer a set of six intensive online courses to prepare non-business students for the MBA program.

As the Class of 2015 considers offers of full-time employment, some students may feel that obtaining a better understanding of business practices could possibly lead to greater career opportunities, increased earning potential or realization of entrepreneurial goals.

This summer, the Manhattan College School of Business is making the transition into the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program a little simpler by rolling out a series of online Bridge Courses designed to provide Manhattan’s non-business alumni with the prerequisite business education to join the MBA program. The set of six intensive online courses can be completed in two, seven-week summer sessions.

“Many non-business students enter the workforce right out of school – with little or no business experience,” says Marc Waldman, Ph.D., assistant professor and director of the MBA program. “These students are trained within a specific discipline but lack the managerial and organizational skills that allow them to meaningfully participate in management-level positions. Our MBA program will help build such skills and enhance the student’s ability to integrate business knowledge into decision-making.”

Designed to reduce the time and expense required for non-business students to join the MBA program, the series is comprised of accelerated three-credit graduate courses covering the foundational material that a student would normally learn in the equivalent undergraduate courses. These courses will be offered during the summer at a reduced cost of $400 per credit.

These fully online courses include Foundations of Business Statistics (MBAF 510); Foundations of Financial and Managerial Accounting (MBAF 520); Foundations of Economics (MBAF 530); Foundations of Organizational and Operational Management (MBAF 540); Foundations of Marketing and Global Business (MBAF 550); and Foundations of Finance (MBAF 560).

Completing the bridge courses does not guarantee admission to the MBA Program. Only students who successfully complete the bridge courses and achieve an acceptable score on the GMAT exam (or equivalent) will be admitted to the MBA Program.

For more information contact Marc Waldman, MBA program director, at

MC Staff