Manhattan College Partners with Bloomberg for Education

The finishing touch on the College’s state-of-the-art finance lab prepares business majors to succeed in a challenging employment industry.

This summer, Manhattan College partnered with Bloomberg for Education, which grants students and faculty in the School of Business unlimited access to the Bloomberg Professional service. The global 24-hour financial news and information service includes real-time and historic price data, financials data, trading news, analyst coverage and other professional analytic tools.

With access to the same information and technology relied on by professionals all over the world, students will benefit from a fully integrative curriculum that allows them to develop both analytical and decision-making skills using real events and real data.

Additionally, by gaining experience using Bloomberg technology, students have a competitive edge in a challenging employment industry.

“Needless to say, today’s job market is very competitive. Students entering the job market are frequently in competition with other candidates of similar academic background and qualifications.” says Hany Guirguis, Ph.D., professor of economics and finance. “Employers aren't going to spend three to five months training a new employee to use a Bloomberg terminal if a similar candidate already possesses this skill and can start working on day one. This is the type of competitive advantage that we are providing to our students.”

In fact, seniors hoping to prove their competency also have an opportunity to take the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) on Manhattan College’s campus each semester. The BAT is a standardized online exam that assesses critical thinking across a variety of competencies. It enables test-takers to showcase their strengths to more than 25,000 investment and financial recruiters.

“The BAT helps students anonymously market themselves to employers using the Bloomberg Talent Search,” says Natalia Boliari, assistant professor of economics. “It’s a unique opportunity to be contacted for internship or employment positions in areas such as Consultancy, Accounting, Insurance, Investment Banking, HR, Trading, Analytics, and many others offered by companies from around the world.”

Bloomberg for Education is the final feature in Manhattan College’s state-of-the-art finance lab, which is designed to mimic the professional instruments graduates will see in the financial industry. 

The lab is outfitted with a full sized real-time stock ticker, two large flat panels TVs with scrolling financial data, and HP 8200 series desktops with 22-inch dual monitors that are also equipped with Morningstar Direct.

MC Staff