Manhattan College Launches Interdisciplinary Environmental Science Major

Beginning in fall 2014, the School of Science will offer two new degrees in environmental science, responding to the rising demand for trained professionals in environmental fields.

With the increased awareness and focus on environmental issues around the world and within the U.S., the need for environmental science specialists is on the rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a strong growth in environmental science in the next decade in comparison to other fields. As a result, this fall, Manhattan College’s School of Science will expand its own course offerings to include a new interdisciplinary Environmental Science program with two-degree options.

“Through lectures, labs and field classes, students will gain hands-on experience with environmental sciences and obtain critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to understand the scientific basis for environmental problems,” said Yelda Balkir, Ph.D., director of the Environmental Science program. “The curriculum consists of rigorous science-based courses and experiential learning, which prepare students for exciting careers in the environmental field.”

Balkir, a prominent researcher in green chemistry and the environment, points out that students within the program can enter careers in government, academic, private, nonprofit or advanced studies upon graduation. A few of the environmental sector possibilities include consulting, laboratory or field research, environmental education, environmental law, pollution engineering, toxicology and waste management.

Both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in environmental science will offer students the option to take courses from a variety of academic departments, as well as participate in various cocurricular activities. All students will work closely with a faculty adviser to create a course of study personalized for each individual’s developing and professional interests. In addition, independent student research is strongly encouraged as an essential part of the educational program.

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MC Staff