Management Intern Explores Diverse Industries

Graham Rose ’14 tests decision-making skills in the real world.

Business management major Graham Rose ’14 enjoys being on the edge of his seat. With a wide range of accumulated hands-on experience, he’s gained both the confidence and positioning to push the envelope in any boardroom.

Since entering Manhattan College’s School of Business in fall 2010, Rose has dedicated himself to gaining exposure to a variety of business environments from not-for-profit to luxury sales.

He prides himself on the ability to think on his feet and make successful decisions for the future.

When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, he rose to the occasion, and collaborated with a former Manhattan College student to create and manage a relief charity Rebuild Our Shore. As executive vice president, Rose helped direct fundraising efforts, connected volunteers with projects and drop-off locations, and helped to further expand the organization’s presence, garnering nearly 80,000 Facebook followers.

“It was amazing to see how these communities got so involved and just the amount of support that was backing this cause,” Rose says. “It was a great experience to facilitate volunteer efforts, and then in the end watch that all come together.”

As is often the case in business, it’s all about who you know. In May 2013, Rose started directing the marketing efforts for a high-end boutique, Rich & Faded, which focuses on customized shoes and apparel. It wasn’t long before Rose got involved in the day-to-day operations and brand development. To date, the company has worked with big name clients such as Jay Z, Beyonce, Lebron James, Meek Mills, Slow Bucks and French Montana, and they’re in the process of expanding thanks to Rose’s efforts.

“Rich & Faded was primarily focused on the urban setting, and dealing with hip hop and pop artists,” he says. “But I showed them that there’s a potential to both expand the brand as well as revenue by branching out to other companies that could utilize the services that we offer.”

Although Rose discovered entrepreneurial success on his own, it was important for him to experience a prospective career path in other industries. He found two back-to-back paid internships through JasperLink, Manhattan College’s online job/internship posting board and on-campus recruiting platform. In summer 2013, he was a planning and logistics intern at precious metal and base metal manufacturer Sigmund Cohn, and is currently working with Argus Information and Advisory Systems in White Plains, N.Y., as a data operations intern.

Rose credits Poonam Arora, Ph.D., assistant professor of marketing and management, and an expert on game theory (the study of strategic decision-making), with helping him think creatively, and Catherine Palmiere, adjunct professor and president of a large recruiting firm, with the skills to nail an interview.

“Palmiere has vast knowledge in the area of human resources,” Rose says. “She brings an understanding of what current employers are looking for in prospective candidates, which is essential, since it gives students an edge when it comes to getting a job in a recovering economy.”

“Each of my internships definitely opened a lot of doors for the path I can choose,” Rose adds. “Not many students graduate from college with this much hands-on experience.”

By Sarah Schwartz