Model UN Students Win Prestigious Awards at National Conference

Manhattan College’s Model UN Team participated in the national conference in Washington D.C., gaining valuable experience and recognition.

Manhattan College’s Model UN team competed in the National Model UN Conference in Washington D.C. (NMUN-DC) from October 25-27, winning a Distinguished Delegation Award and an Outstanding Position Paper Award. 

At the 2013 conference, the Manhattan College team represented Cuba and the United States of America. Students worked together on a committee for each delegation and were responsible for learning about topics and researching their assigned country’s position on the issues debated.

“During the conference, students represent their country and determine the order of the agenda,” says Pamela Chasek, Ph.D., professor of government and director of the international studies program. “Then they alternate between giving speeches in formal sessions and negotiating draft resolutions in informal caucusing.”

More than 650 college students from all over the world attended the NMUN-DC conference drew and participated in discussions and issues regarding international relations.

Manhattan College’s Model UN teamManhattan College’s delegation representing the United States of America won a Distinguished Delegation Award, which was based on the students’ ability to remain in character, participate in the committee and have a proper use of the rules of procedure.

“[Our delegation] focused on the ambitious and complex issues of sustainable energy,” communication major Arielle Simmons ’14 says.

Additionally, Manhattan College students Alex Guido ’14, an international studies and economics major,  and peace studies major Linda Latifaj ’14 won the Outstanding Position Paper Award for their paper about national and international security and women’s rights.

“Winning the award was a great moment for me and my partner Linda Latifaj, as well as a bit of relief since we both worked very hard on the paper,” Guido says.

At Manhattan College, the Model UN team is both a cocurricular activity and a course. During the fall, as a cocurricular activity, the team participates in the NMUN-DC conference. In the spring, as part of a course in the Government department, students participate in the National Model UN Conference in New York City.

“I would definitely recommend the experience of Model UN to anyone interested in international affairs,” Simmons says. “Model UN holistically combines your talents and passions with your education and research to make transformative differences in the way we see and act upon international issues.”

See a gallery of photos from the Model UN conference. 

MC Staff