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Counseling Youth by Promoting Healthy Emotional Reflection Program - CYPHER

The  Counseling Youth by Promoting Healthy Emotional Reflection Program (CYPHER) program is open to young learners, grades seven through 12, interested in writing, recording, and performing hip-hop music. This 10-week program meets one day a week for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Participants are split into small groups of six to ten students, and groups are co-facilitated by graduate students in the School of Education counseling program at Manhattan College. A final showcase will be held for students' friends and family, where they exhibit and perform the music they created during the program.

This program is connected to Hip-Hop and School Counseling Praxis, a graduate course taught by Dr. Ian P. Levy, who teaches pre-service school counselors on using hip-hop in small-group practices.

Please scroll down to learn about our tuition and schedule.

For information, send an email to


Engaging in hip-hop work with Dr. Levy was one of the highlights of my school counseling program. As a new school counselor, I often find myself looking for new, creative, and innovative methods that encourage students to emotionally express themselves and grow. Hip-hop-based training/counseling felt genuine, authentic, and real. I also grew and improved immensely as a counselor, particularly in my ability to talk openly and honestly about race with students and using social justice issues and current events as a tool in small groups.

Amina Abdulrazzak (School Counseling Program Alumni)


Registration is open for high school groups only. If you represent a high school and are interested in this program, send an email to