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Health and Safety

The offices of Health Services, One Manhattan, and various departments throughout the College are working closely with city and state agencies to safeguard the health and safety of the entire Manhattan community. Specific details are outlined below.

These protocols are subject to change, based on local, state and federal recommendations.

COVID-19 VaccineOn Campus Testing Schedule | symptom tracker & on campus pass | MASKS, SOCIAL DISTANCING & PPE GUIDELINES | RESIDENCE HALLS | QUARANTINE/ISOLATION

COVID-19 Vaccination

Manhattan College requires all new and returning students, faculty, administrators and staff (including employees of vendors) to be fully vaccinated and submit proof of immunization. New students and employees must become compliant with the vaccine requirement prior to their first day on campus. 

Vaccine Requirement for 2022-23 Academic Year

Manhattan College will require all on-campus students, faculty, administrators and staff to be fully up-to-date on vaccinations for the 2022-23 academic year. This means that each individual has received a full series of COVID-19 vaccines, and a booster shot, when eligible.

Students enrolled in on-campus classes, participating in College activities, or residing in the residence halls in the summer 2022 semester must receive a booster vaccine by June 15. All current employees also must submit their proof of a booster vaccine by this date. 

For more information on the COVID-19 vaccination requirement, please visit the COVID-19 Vaccination page.

Visiting campus? Find the information you need on this page


Individuals who have an approved vaccine exemption are required to continue obtaining a COVID-19 test every seven days on campus. All on-campus testing hours can be found below.

For the duration of the summer, testing will take place on campus once a week, on Tuesdays in Smith Auditorium from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  and will be limited to exempt individuals and for those who have been contacted by the Contact tracing office and directed to test as a close contact with possible exposure. 

On Campus Testing Schedule 

For more information regarding on-campus testing partners, testing start and end times, and items to bring with you to the test site, please view the schedule below and the notes under each event. If you are receiving a PCR test off campus, please upload your test result to the COVID-19 Test Result Reporting Portal as soon as you receive it.

Symptom Tracker and On-Campus Pass

All community members (vaccinated and those with approved exceptions) are required to fill out the Daily Symptom Tracker to access campus. 

If any community member, regardless of vaccination status, is experiencing symptoms, they must report those symptoms on the Daily Symptom Tracker and COVID-19 testing will be required. 

Compliance Status

All students, faculty, administrators and staff can access their vaccination status and view detailed explanations as to what needs to be completed in order to be in compliance by viewing their MyCOVIDStatus page.

Daily On-Campus Pass  

Please note, pass colors for the Spring 2022 semester will hold slightly different meanings:

Green: After completing the daily symptom tracker, students and employees will receive a green pass to be on campus for the day. A green pass indicates you are permitted on campus, have fulfilled the vaccination requirement and are in compliance with weekly surveillance testing for those with approved exemptions.

Green M (modified): Any student or employee who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate for 5 days. If you are fever-free 24 hours with symptoms improving, after being evaluated by Health Services, and test negative on a rapid test on day 6, your Red Pass will clear and you will be assigned a Green M pass to access campus for an additional five days. The Green M Pass will allow access to work and classes. The Green M pass will offer "Grab and go" food options. The pass will not allow access to the fitness center and gym, and extracurricular activities and events. Resident students will have access to an on campus quarantine space for the remainder of their isolation period.  Employees will be able to return to work. On day 11, the standard Green pass will return.

Red: Students and employees that receive a red pass, after completing the daily symptom tracker, should not be on campus that day and should return to their residence. A red pass indicates you are not permitted on campus as you selected an item on the Daily Symptom Tracker that warrants a follow up from the One Manhattan team.

OrangeAn orange pass indicates you are not in compliance with weekly surveillance testing for those with approved exemptions, and you will need to correct your status to remain on campus or access campus services. 

Masks, Social Distancing and PPE Guidelines

Masks are recommended on campus, and required only when requested in classes or offices. However, individuals who prefer to wear a mask are encouraged to continue to do so. Faculty may require students to wear masks in their classrooms by communicating via email or on their Moodle page. Supervisors may also require visitors to wear a mask in their office. It is expected that everyone will abide by those requests.

Masks will continue to be required in Health Services, on College vans and shuttles, and may be required at certain large indoor gatherings and events. Masks should also be worn for the full 10 days after a positive test or after an exposure. In other indoor areas, including recreational facilities, meeting rooms and other common areas, masks will not be required, but are recommended. Masks are not required outdoors.

Residence Halls


All resident students are encouraged to wear masks while inside at all times, including in their residence halls. Students should have masks available with them when leaving their residence hall rooms.


Resident students may have visitors as per housing guidelines; however, they are only permitted to have Manhattan College enrolled students as visitors in the residence halls during the semester.


According to guidance from the CDC, New York State and New York City, any student or employee who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate for five (5) days, followed by a modified return to campus for an additional 5 days, instead of the previous 10-day requirement. The Green M Pass (see pass colors here) will limit access to indoor dining, fitness center and gym, and any other indoor events. Only if they are fever-free for 24 hours with symptoms improving and has been evaluated by Health Services, students may attend in person classes and employees will be able to return to work. Resident students will have access to an on campus quarantine space for the remainder of their isolation period. 

If you are placed in temporary quarantine or isolation (TQoI), our faculty and staff are here to help. Visit this page for academic tips while in TQoI.

Visit this page for current quarantine and isolation guidelines: