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School of Health Professions

Building Foundations for Lifelong Wellness, Healing and Care

The School of Health Professions builds on and adheres to Manhattan College’s Lasallian traditions and strives to promote faith, respect for all, quality education, fostering inclusive community, and working toward social justice. By offering programs such as counseling, & health care informatics to exercise science, physical education, and public health, we develop a student’s spirit, mind, and body leading to preparing them for transformative careers in the health professions and impacting societies. Our professors promote excellence in scholarship and teaching, respect for individual dignity and a commitment to social justice through hands-on service.


Field Experience

The School of Health Professions offers rich and varied field experiences. Students will be at the center of high-demand areas of study and work as they prepare to enter their respective fields as qualified health professionals with superior skills and leadership abilities. Our health professions students spend a semester in a clinical internship at a local hospital, schools, or institution. Others conduct research or join service trips. Several health specialties including nursing have experienced severe shortages in recent years, and the enrollment into the School of Health Professions will help support employers attempting to keep up with demand.