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The College will continue to share details and announcements with the campus community throughout the semester. Here you will find the most recent campus communication.

  • Reminder: Submit Verification of Vaccination Record | July 29, 2021

    To the Manhattan College community,

    As we initially shared with you on June 10, Manhattan College is requiring all students, faculty, administrators and staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by August 2. In the United States, 163.6 million people have been fully vaccinated, and the vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective at combating the spread of COVID-19. 

    As of July 28, 65% of students and 82% of employees are fully compliant with this requirement. Since we are a campus with a vibrant residential component and an engaged commuter population, this vaccine requirement allows us to get back to the traditional living and learning experience that has defined Manhattan College.

    As we approach the start of the fall semester, we remind you that the following actions must be taken by Monday, August 2:

    1. Submit proof of your full vaccination record here; or

    2. Submit proof of your first of a two-dose series; or

    3. Apply for a medical or religious exemption (link for students | link for employees).

    As a reminder, any community member with an approved exemption is required to test every seven days to maintain a green pass. If you are in between doses, you also must test every seven days until you upload your completed vaccination card and it has been two weeks since your second dose. To avoid non-compliance, please check My COVID Compliance Status to review your next surveillance test date. 

    If you are an international student who does not have access to an FDA or WHO-authorized vaccine, please email to arrange for vaccination upon your arrival.

    After the August 2 deadline, all non-compliant community members will be assigned an orange pass and will not be allowed on campus until they are in compliance.

    The most critical reason for these procedures are the health and safety of our own community, in addition to the health and safety of those around us. This includes our neighbors in the northwest Bronx, and anyone who is currently unable to be vaccinated. 

    We sincerely appreciate all of your efforts to adhere to the public health policies that have been put in place, including the vaccination requirement. 

    We are looking forward to getting back to that traditional on-campus experience that we have missed tremendously since the start of the pandemic.

    The One Manhattan Team

  • Updated Fall 2021 Guidelines | July 15, 2021

    To the Manhattan College community,

    We hope that you are having a relaxing, happy and healthy summer. We’re looking forward to having a full, thriving campus this fall, and are happy to announce the relaxation of some policies and procedures that have been in place during the past year.

    The following updated COVID-19 campus guidelines will take effect on Monday, August 2 to coincide with our vaccination requirement deadline. The revised guidelines reflect a relaxation of restrictions on campus as all members of our community will either be fully vaccinated or will have obtained an approved medical or religious exemption.

    The College will continue to evaluate and modify COVID-19 campus guidelines, if warranted, throughout the fall semester.


    Manhattan College requires all new and returning students, faculty, administrators and staff (including employees of vendors) to be fully vaccinated and submit proof of immunization by August 2, 2021.

    To submit proof of vaccination, please upload proof of immunization to the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Submission Portal prior to this date. To comply with the deadline date, exemption applications must be submitted no later than Monday, July 19, with a review process of two weeks. For more information on limited medical or religious exemptions, students can view this page and employees can view this page.


    Fully vaccinated community members, if asymptomatic, will not be required to participate in surveillance testing during the fall semester. Community members with an approved exemption are required to test weekly.

    On-campus testing will be offered twice a week in Smith Auditorium, starting Monday, August 30 and throughout the fall semester. Additional testing days may be added as the year progresses.

    For more information regarding on-campus testing partners, testing start and end times, and items to bring with you to the test site, please view the on-campus testing schedule and the notes under each event. If you are receiving a PCR test off campus, please upload your test result to the COVID-19 Test Result Reporting Portal as soon as you receive it.

    Daily Symptom Tracker

    To ensure we're aware of any potential COVID-19 cases on campus, all community members (fully vaccinated and those with approved exceptions) are required to fill out the Daily Symptom Tracker to access campus. Fully vaccinated individuals will be allowed to complete a shortened version of the Daily Symptom Tracker. If a community member who is fully vaccinated or has an approved exemption is experiencing symptoms, they are to report it on the Daily Symptom Tracker and testing will be required.

    Pass colors for the fall semester will hold slightly different meanings.

    Green Pass: A green pass indicates you are permitted on campus, have fulfilled the vaccination requirement and are in compliance with weekly surveillance testing for those with approved exemptions.

    Orange Pass: An orange pass indicates you are not in compliance with weekly surveillance testing for those with approved exemptions, and you will need to correct your status to remain on campus or access campus services. An orange pass may also indicate you are not fully vaccinated and are not permitted on campus.

    Red Pass: A red pass indicates you are not permitted on campus as you selected an item on the Daily Symptom Tracker that warrants a follow up from the OneManhattan team.

    My COVID Compliance Status
    All students, faculty, administrators and staff can access their vaccination status and view detailed explanations as to what needs to be completed in order to be in compliance by viewing their MyCOVIDStatus page.

    Masks, Social Distancing and PPE

    Anyone may wear a mask on campus if they choose to, while certain members of the community are required to wear a mask. Fully vaccinated community members are not required to wear a mask on campus (indoors or outdoors). Community members with an approved exemption are required to wear a mask on campus when indoors.

    Social distancing will be relaxed on campus (indoors and outdoors). Campus social distance signage will be removed in phases both indoors and outdoors. Desktop, portable plexiglass barriers can be removed, not discarded, and stored by each department. Some affixed plexiglass barriers will remain in place for the fall semester.

    Sanitizing wipes and/or hand sanitizer will remain in high traffic, communal areas and classrooms.

    Capacities and Events

    Capacities including but not limited to offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, restrooms, elevators, residence halls, event and chapel venues, and outdoor locations will be restored to their original/pre-pandemic capacities.

    Manhattan College sponsored events on campus will be held at full capacity. External (non-Manhattan College) guests are required to fill out the Visitors Daily Symptom Tracker and obtain a green pass.

    The event organizer is responsible for checking each event participant's green pass status (MC Glance app for the internal community and email submission from the external community) upon room entry. Anyone may wear a mask on campus if they choose to, while certain guests may be required to. Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask on campus (indoors or outdoors) and guests who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask on campus when indoors, except when seated and eating.


    Manhattan College sponsored domestic travel is no longer restricted by COVID-19 protocols, subject to any changes in the progression of the pandemic and related restrictions. However, community members traveling internationally may be subject to additional federal, state and local requirements.

    Residence Halls

    We are excited to welcome students back to the residence halls for the fall semester. The Residence Life website has more information on move-in, which will take place from August 23-28.


    Resident students with approved medical or religious exemptions are required to wear a mask when indoors on campus. They may remove their mask when inside their residence.


    Resident students are permitted two guests to assist with fall move-in. Anyone may wear a mask on campus; however all unvaccinated guests are required to wear a mask on campus while indoors.


    Resident students may now have visitors as per housing guidelines; however, they are only permitted to have Manhattan College enrolled students as visitors in the residence halls during the fall semester.

    Thank you again for your cooperation and support as we continue to navigate this unprecedented time and return to the in-person, on-campus experience that we all know and love. We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon and looking forward to a great year.

    The One Manhattan Team

  • COVID-19 Protocols for International Students | June 22, 2021

    Dear students,

    As we approach the fall 2021 semester, we look forward to welcoming you back to your second home on campus.

    You have seen that all new and returning students, faculty, administrators and staff are required to be fully vaccinated and submit proof of immunization by August 2, 2021. 

    If you are a resident student and unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and submit proof of immunization in your home country by that date, we will be able to welcome you to campus early, starting on August 1, 2021, as long as your visa process is complete. Please contact the office of Residence Life at to make early move-in arrangements in advance. 

    When you arrive on campus, in accordance with the New York State travel advisory, you will be required to complete a precautionary quarantine in Horan Hall before moving to your permanent housing assignment.

    We will assist you in obtaining vaccination one day after your arrival on campus. You must receive a PCR test on your fifth day in New York, and if negative, you may end your precautionary quarantine on the eighth day.

    If you have received a COVID-19 vaccine that is not one of three vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson/Janssen) currently approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and it was approved in your home country, you do not need to be vaccinated immediately upon arrival. However, you will be required to be vaccinated eventually with an FDA/CDC approved vaccine, and we will be happy to provide logistical support for that.

    If you have been vaccinated outside the U.S., please review the latest CDC guidance. Manhattan College’s Office of Health Services will advise you on how to satisfy the College's requirement.  

    Here is more information on our policies surrounding COVID-19 vaccination for the fall, including a list of frequently asked questions. 

    Should you have additional questions, please contact Debra Damico, director of international student and scholar services, at or representatives from the following offices:


    The One Manhattan Team

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements | June 10, 2021
    To the Manhattan College Community,

    Since early 2020, under the leadership of our One Manhattan Team, the College has successfully navigated the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic with a focus on creating a healthy and safe environment for our students, faculty, staff, administrators, and greater community, through the creation and implementation of COVID protocols and policies, including surveillance testing, social distancing, and wearing masks. Your participation in these efforts has contributed to a relatively low positivity rate on campus in fall of 2020 and spring of 2021 and provided members of the College community the ability to live, learn, research and carry-out our Lasallian Catholic mission, despite the circumstances we found ourselves in.

    As we move forward with plans to return to a fully in-person status in fall 2021, the College will incorporate vaccinations into our COVID-19 protocols, the next step recommended by local, state, and federal health agencies and organizations, like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American College Health Association (ACHA). To that end, Manhattan College will require all new and returning students, faculty, administrators and staff (including employees of vendors) to be fully vaccinated and submit proof of immunization by August 2, 2021. Students participating in summer programs on campus have been previously notified of the vaccine requirement and the associated deadlines.
    For more information about requirements, resources and exemptions, visit the COVID-19 vaccination page.  In the meantime, if you have already completed the vaccination process, please upload proof of immunization to the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Submission Portal.  

    Again, many thanks for your patience, dedication and resilience during these unprecedented times. We look forward to seeing you on campus in the fall and a return to the robust living and learning community that is the hallmark of the Manhattan College experience.

    With thanks and best wishes,

    Brennan O’Donnell