Specialized Resource Center

The Specialized Resource Center (SRC) is available to help you obtain accommodations.

The Specialized Resource Center (SRC) provides disability services for all students with special needs including individuals with a temporary disability, such as those resulting from injury or surgery. There is no fee for SRC services, but you need to provide appropriate documentation. Use of services is voluntary and strictly confidential.

Services we can help you with include (but are not limited to):

  • Priority classroom seating
  • Alternative testing environments
  • Assistance from readers, note-takers and scribes
  • Access to adaptive technology: electronic spell checkers, word processors, tape recorders, calculators and print enlargers
  • Liaison with faculty and other college departments
  • Advocacy/self-advocacy information
  • Requests for specialized housing arrangements

More Information

More details about how to request services and SRC policies are available on the Inside Manhattan College website.

Inside Manhattan: SRC