Center for Academic Success

At Manhattan College, we want to do everything possible to help you succeed.

student studying in the libraryOur Center for Academic Success is here to help you thrive in your classes and establish lifelong learning habits. We do this by providing a range of services from individual tutoring and study groups to writing workshops and academic coaching. All of our services are available free of charge and offered at various times to fit into your schedule.

Tutoring & Study Groups

We offer one-on-one individual tutoring sessions for specific courses and topics. Our tutors receive ongoing training and are certified through the College Reading and Learning Association.

We also host small group tutoring sessions for students who want to study with their classmates. Study groups encourage learning and also create a greater sense of community and support.

Writing Assistance

Get one-on-one help with writing papers at our Writing Center. Our trained tutors can help writers at all skill levels with papers at any stage of the writing process — from brainstorming through final editing.

We can help you:

  • Define an appropriate topic
  • Develop research strategies
  • Organize material
  • Analyze drafts for strengths and weaknesses
  • Make revisions and edits

Supplemental Instruction

For traditionally difficult undergraduate courses, like chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering, we offer a supplemental instruction program where you can get additional instruction on challenging topics. An upperclassman who received an A in that course attends each of the classes with you and then runs weekly study sessions for anyone in the class who wants to attend. During the study sessions, you'll review that week's lesson and get help with homework problems.


We host monthly workshops to help you learn about essential study skills and the academic writing process. Workshops are typically an hour long.

Workshop topics include:

  • Effective reading and writing techniques
  • How to avoid plagiarism and write bibliographies

More Information

More details about specific services offered at the Center for Academic Success, including tutoring schedules and information about how to make an appointment, are available on the Inside Manhattan College website.

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