Claudia Setzer

Claudia Setzer


Department : Religious Studies

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Phone : 718-862-7347

Office : MGL 434


PHD, Columbia University
MA, Jewish Theol Sem Amer
MPHIL, Columbia University
BA, Macalester College


I became a biblical scholar by chance, when, as a college student, I signed up for an introductory New Testament course solely because it fit my schedule. Once I was bitten by the bug of text interpretation, there was no turning back. My field is New Testament, but I have also spent time studying rabbinic writings and the Hebrew Bible. Other things I like to do include English Country dancing, making quilts, and living in London. 


New Testament and Christian Origins, Hebrew Bible and early Judaism. Dr. Setzer's books and articles focus on social relations between Jews and early Christians, and she has a special interest in North African Christianity and nineteenth-century women interpreters of scripture. She has served for several years as chair of the Early/Jewish Christian Relations group at the Society of Biblical Literature, and has been an associate editor of the Journal of Biblical Literature, has been a contributor to PBS website "From Jesus to Christ," and re-established in 2006 the Columbia University seminar on the New Testament, which she chairs.

Publications & Professional Activities

Dr. Setzer recently published (with David Shefferman) The Bible and American Culture: A Sourcebook which gathers and contextualizes documents that show the Bible’s unique role in American history and culture.

Other books include Resurrection of the Body in early Judaism and Christianity: Doctrine, Community , and Self Definition (Brill, 2004) and Jewish Responses to Early Christians (Fortress, 1994).  She is also a contributor to Jewish Annotated New Testament, ed. Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Z. Brettler.

She is a member of the steering committee for the Society of Biblical Literature group, "Recovering Women Interpreters of Scripture" and serves on the editorial board of The Journal of Biblical Literature.


In addition to her scholarly activities, she has lectured to community, church, and synagogue groups on early Jewish/Christian relations.

Courses Taught/Teaching

RELS 110      The Nature and Experience of Religion
RELS 207      Central Themes New Testament
RELS 300      Special Topic
RELS 305      Understanding the Bible
RELS 308      Central Themes New Testament
RELS 341      Judaism
RELS 407      The Gospel of John
RELS 470      Maj Sem:Bible & Amer Culture