Program Administration/Contacts

The Financial Aid Administration office and the Controller’s office administer the student employment program.  Many questions and issues that are commonly raised are addressed in this manual. However, there may always be a need for specific guidance.  Knowing the key players will be important in administrating a smooth student employment experience. 

Financial Aid Administration Office

Financial Aid Administration employs an administrator to oversee the student employment program. Currently, that administrator is the associate director of financial aid. The associate director is also a financial aid counselor with major supervisory duties for the office staff. The associate director also manages many other programs, both institutional and special financial aid programs. 

Financial Aid Administration's responsibilities are to:

  • determine student eligibility for financial aid programs including work study
  • adjust student budgets and program type as necessary
  • maintain a list of available positions (both on-campus as well as off-campus)
  • maintain a service relationship with all department supervisors
  • follow special requirements for FWS funds used for community service
  • secure a contract from every off-campus FWS employer
  • work with the Controller’s office to verify pay scale, payroll dates, verify referral and payroll data, monitor the student budget for over-awards and limits

Your Financial Aid Administration contact is always available and able to handle any questions or disputes in the student employment area.

Controller’s Office

The Controller’s office plays an important role in the student employment program. The bookkeeper and payroll manager are the two main contacts. Currently, the bookkeeper manages a payroll database for the student employees based on timesheets, payroll data, and information from the online referrals. The bookkeeper establishes a system for adequate records of hours and will distribute a monthly summary report to each department supervisor.


Most questions regarding eligibility and paperwork can be answered by any Financial Aid Administration representative. The Financial Aid Administration office is located in Miguel Hall, Room 100.

Phone: 718-862-7100
Fax: 718-862-8027

The main administrative contact for student employment is:

Mercy Alonso, associate director of financial aid administration
Phone: 718-862-7198
Fax: 718-862-8027

The Controller’s office is able to handle questions on topics such as social security regulations and rules of exemption, FICA taxes, payroll and direct deposit. The main student employment contact is:

Joanne Gans, bookkeeper
Phone: 718-862-7403
Fax: 718-862-8029

The grants accountant, under the supervision of the payroll manager, processes the payroll and maintains the payroll master control. The Controller’s office is able to handle questions on topics such as social security regulations and rules of exemption, FICA taxes and direct deposit. Timesheets will be physically delivered to the bookkeeper and payroll checks are available for pickup in Miguel Hall, Room 106.