Getting Paid

Hourly Pay Rate

As of January 1, 2015: $8.75

Time Sheets / Payroll Process

Students and supervisors share many responsibilities in the area of payroll. Only the names of approved students from the online referral system will be forwarded to the controller’s office for payroll processing. Students are responsible for initiating and completing all eligibility requirements and for completing a time sheet

Supervisors are responsible for authorizing the online hire referrals and for personally forwarding timesheets to the bookkeeper in the controller’s office. They are also responsible for making sure a student does not work during their scheduled class hours.

Recording and Maintaining Timesheets

Students and supervisors are required to maintain a timesheet to be submitted on a monthly basis. Both parties should keep careful track of time, noting that by law, student workers are only paid for time worked. 

Time should be recorded each work day and placed on the timesheet under the supervisor’s verification. Time should be totaled for each day and partial hours may be allowed in intervals of 15 minutes. Reported partial hours should therefore read to the nearest quarter hour (e.g. 3.25 hours is three hours and 15 minutes, 4.50 is four hours and 30 minutes, etc.).

Hour Limits

A student may work no more than 20 hours while school is in session and no more than 29 hours per week when school is not in session. A student may also not exceed 999 hours of work in a calendar year.

There are no other benefits the student is entitled to as a student employee. Therefore, overtime is not an option. Students should only be paid for time worked under the standard hour limit.

Break Periods

Student employees who work a shift of at least 4 consecutive hours are permitted one, 15-minute paid rest period during that shift. Rest periods are not to be taken at the start or end of a shift and rest periods are not cumulative.

Student employees who work a shift of at least 6 consecutive hours are permitted one 30-minute unpaid meal period and one 15-minute paid rest period during that shift.

Student employees who are working a full shift of 8 consecutive hours (never to exceed this) are permitted no less than two 15-minute paid rest periods and one 30-minute unpaid meal period during that shift.


Student employees will notify their supervisor in advance of any circumstance that will keep them from regularly-scheduled work hours. The College and its supervisors realize the importance of academic study and classroom commitments and are usually quite flexible with scheduling work hours. Time required for these important classroom duties should be taken into consideration when a student and supervisor are developing a work schedule. Students are expected to be present during scheduled work hours. In case of illness, the student should be provided with a contact method for notifying the supervisor as soon as possible. Excessive tardiness or absences are grounds for termination.

Submitting Timesheets

The supervisor will submit timesheets for student employees on a monthly basis per the Student Payroll Schedule. This schedule is made available to students and supervisors and it will also be posted in the Controller’s office and the Financial Aid Administration office. The schedule lists the deadline for timesheets to be handed in and the date payroll checks will be available. Deadlines are strictly adhered to. 

Picking up Paychecks

Students can pick up their paycheck in the Controller's Office, located in Miguel Hall Room 106.

Student Payroll is processed monthly. Students can arrange for direct deposit of their earnings via the Controller’s office in person. Students will be asked to provide a photo ID and sign for their paycheck each payroll period. There is no opportunity for advances or for checks to be cut early under any circumstances, so students must be diligent in their personal budgeting (use's free Budget Wizard for assistance).

Supervisors hold a major responsibility in verifying the timesheets, submitting the completed time sheets in person and ensuring that a timesheet is submitted. Timesheets not signed by the student cannot be submitted. Timesheets must be filled out in ink and all fields of the time sheets (including program type, dates and department account number) completed. Supervisors are asked to use the recent summary report as a cover sheet to list the total hours of the upcoming payroll. 

Any questions regarding the completion of timesheets can be directed to the bookkeeper in the Controller's office or the associate director of Financial Aid Administration.

Remember: Students Must Not Hand in Their Own Time Sheet!

Under federal guidelines, supervisors must hand-deliver time sheets to the bookkeeper. If this proves difficult for the supervisor or if there are any extenuating circumstances that may prevent a supervisor from submitting the time sheets, they can contact the bookkeeper and the bookkeeper will give an appropriate delivery alternative. 

Student Payroll Summary Reports

The bookkeeper provides all department supervisors with a monthly student payroll summary report after each pay period. It is important that supervisors are aware of how many students are working in the department and how much funds are earned in each program type (FWS and CE). Supervisors should review this report and maintain a copy for their department files. Review earnings updates with students so together you can properly forecast their remaining earnings and hours.

The summary report will list the department account number, pay period number, pay date, supervisor name and department name. It will list the students of each program type with their file number (payroll info), ID#, budget, total pay to date, and remaining budget.  It even lists their pay rate and a calculation for the total hours remaining for the student. On the department end, it lists actual year-to-date earnings and percentage of the budget used. This is a great deal of vital information.  Use it in your budgeting and planning for student employment.