Getting Hired

Searching for a Position

Only students who have submitted all documentation and are listed on the supervisors' online referral list are authorized to begin the job search process.  Students must wait until they receive an annual e-mail with instructions before starting this process. The Financial Aid Administration office will assist students and employers by maintaining an online job listing using information submitted by department supervisors. It remains the student’s responsibility to initiate the job search process, contact prospective employers, and secure a position.

Once all required paperwork is complete, students will have online access to view full job descriptions for each job category type (FWS of CE). This will help students search for positions that are still open, and the posting will provide the supervisor’s name, location, and contact information. 

Supervisors/department heads are responsible for submitting job descriptions in the appropriate format to the Financial Aid Administration contact and for providing updates in position availability. Job descriptions serve several purposes:

  • Provides needed information to explain the position to students
  • Assists students in finding a job that is related to their educational/career goals
  • Establishes a written record of job duties and responsibilities for accountability
  • Helps the office of Financial Aid Administration determine whether the nature of the job meets FWS qualifications

Information on additional, approved jobs can be found on the Financial Aid Administration office bulletin board, by word of mouth, or by making “cold” inquiries/personal visits to the various departments on campus. But the best way to search is online!

Community Service Positions

Of particular interest to many students are the community service positions under federal work study. These are off-campus job offers that offer FWS students the opportunity to work for community not-for-profit agencies and organizations. Students thinking about service careers can gain direct experience in such fields such as tutoring, recreation, education, social services, counseling, etc. To offset any expenses for traveling to and from these job sites, the standard rate of pay for these positions is $8.75. All student employment regulations apply to off-campus positions. Job postings are also listed online. Specific questions related to community service positions can be addressed with the associate director of Financial Aid Administration.

Hiring Process

Only students who have completed all necessary paperwork and applications and listed on the online Self-Service system are eligible to search for a job and be hired. Students should prepare for meeting with a potential employer. The interview process can be different for each department. Some supervisors may require a resume and/or an interview.  Others may require a short statement of interest while others will prefer to speak with you in person.

Interviews for student employment positions are usually informal but you still want to be prepared and make a good impression. For tips and some practice, visit the Center of Career Development. They can assist you in the entire process.

For Supervisors: Once a student is hired, the supervisor will access Self-Service for the referral of student employment system and process an authorization to hire. The transaction will be forwarded automatically to the Financial Aid Administration and Controller’s offices for payroll activation. Students who do not appear on the list do not qualify for hire at this time. Please advise the student to contact the Financial Aid Administration office to determine which items are needed.

Students should keep the following advice in mind:

  • Dress appropriately and be punctual.
  • Conduct yourself in the most mature manner.
  • Always provide accurate and honest information.
  • Be prepared to provide a copy your class schedule, a resume, and references, if requested.
  • Relax and be yourself.

Supervisors should remember to address these basic items:

  • State responsibilities and expectations of the job.
  • Speak to students about issues of confidentiality.
  • Address the skills required for the position.
  • Ask about other employment experience.
  • Talk about hours needed and areas of flexibility.

Final Topics of Discussion:

  • Assigning a standard schedule time for work and discussion of timesheet policies.
  • Discussion of all pertinent department policies and procedures.
  • Procedures/rules on absenteeism, lateness, standard of conduct and appropriate dress.
  • How the proper training necessary for the job will be carried out.
  • The format and time frame of student evaluations, if given.