Ceasing Employment

Supervisors must submit a termination form for any student who ceases employment in the department for any reason, or if a student wishes to switch jobs mid-year.

Calendar Year Limits

If a student maintains one position for the duration of his/her budget, the referral form will be active from July 1 to June 30. 

  • After June 30, even if a student is continuing the same job, a new referral must be filed for July 1. 
  • All active employees are considered terminated on June 30th of each year because of federal regulations and fiscal purposes.
  • Students who wish to work over the summer must reapply for student employment using the next academic year’s FAFSA and eligibility terms.


Student employment positions are considered “at-will” employment.  Students can be terminated for:

  • poor performance
  • violation of student employment regulations
  • graduation or academic dismissal/probation
  • budgetary reason

If a supervisor is not satisfied with your performance, he or she is encouraged to discuss those issues with the student and specify a period of time in which you are expected to improve.  Again, this is not mandatory but good practice. Supervisors should reach out to the Financial Aid Administration contact for assistance with these matters.


Most supervisors hope that a student will remain on the job throughout the academic year or until the depletion of the student budget.  Students must always cease their employment properly with a department supervisor. Not doing so may inhibit a student from future hire elsewhere or damage the relationship between the student employment program and department, even risking Manhattan College's relationship with off-campus community service sites.

Impacting Factors

  • class schedule
  • academic load
  • personal matters  

Students should discuss any issues with the supervisor and try to give two weeks’ notice.  If there are any problems between a student and supervisor, they should mutually try to work on a resolution. Additional assistance is available by contacting the Financial Aid Administration contact.