About Student Employment

We strive to foster Lasallian values of Faith, Community and Service by offering opportunities in federal work study and campus employment to eligible Manhattan College students.

Most students are confronted with time constraints that force them to limit their involvement to select a number of activities; this is especially true for students who work to pay for a portion of their education expenses. Federal work study community service jobs provide these students with the option of combining the financial need to work with the personal goal of helping their local community and campus around restrictive academic schedules.

Moreover, employment in such positions is an integral part of a student’s college experience, encouraging professional development and exposure to real-world situations that can be applied to enhance the connection between the academic classroom and outside world – these practical learning experiences can be applied to any field of study, but most importantly, they help to personally develop students into caring, well-rounded members of society.

We hope that your employment, whether on or off-campus, will help you to embody the values of a Lasallian education and provide financial assistance during your educational pursuits.

Benefits of Student Employment

It is not only because the location is convenient and the pay is right; research shows that students who participate in student employment programs:

  • Are more connected to their college and are more actively involved in campus activities.
  • Develop strong relationships with members of the college community who support their educational pursuits  and can help students with a variety of issues and concerns.
  • Improve their time management skills while balancing work and an academic schedule.
  • Generally achieve greater academic success.

Student employees can develop some essential skills that will help in any career path.  These can include technical skills, communication and decision-making skills, team building and interpersonal skills.  Most importantly, it will help students develop personal responsibility and professional maturity.



The information provided is not a contract and does not establish a right of employment or create any rights or obligations where none otherwise exist. The College adheres to the principle of student employment at will, which allows either party to terminate the student employment relationship at any time for any reason. The College reserves the right to modify any condition of student employment in whatever manner we believe to be appropriate based on changes in legal requirements, federal Work Study funding, budgetary factors, or other relevant circumstances.

Manhattan College is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. Students cannot be discriminated against because of their race, color, creed, sex, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, status as a disabled veteran or disability.  Should a student need disability accommodations or need to discuss any aspect of the disclaimer, please contact the student employment coordinator within the Financial Aid Administration office for the appropriate referrals. Students and department employers should consult the main student handbook for regulations on sexual harassment and other statements of nondiscriminatory practices. 

Student employees are not eligible for paid lunches, paid vacation, sick leave, holidays or any type of insurance through their student employment position. Employment is considered temporary and at-will and therefore students are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

One of the roles of Financial Aid Administration is to promote a uniform code of student employment practices in accordance with federal, state, and institution regulations. The information provided within this website outlines some of the main procedures and policies and offers guidelines to be used for hiring, paying, and terminating student employees.