Official Communication Policy

Email and Self-Service Accounts

The Financial Aid Administration and Student Accounts and Bursar Services offices communicate with students by notifying MC student e-mail addresses from and, respectively. Students are required to regularly check their MC email and Self-Service accounts for information about their financial aid and billing accounts throughout the academic year. 

When possible our offices will extend communications to the parent email listed on the FAFSA. While these regulations are perceived as a barrier to a family’s existing expectations of best ways to transact business with the College, the issue does provide a good opportunity for families to communicate about student responsibilities and an anticipated level of involvement with their college finances.

Student involvement can range from:

  • Forwarding emails to parents/guardians
  • Contacting the office via telephone or email for assistance and guidance
  • Visiting in person and sharing meaningful dialogue with one of our financial aid counselors

Notices can include, but are not limited to, requests for: 

  • Required written authorization for financial aid
  • Additional information and documents (if required) to continue processing your financial aid application(s)
  • Actions needed on your financial aid award package
  • Actions needed on your student tuition bill
  • Reminders for relevant deadline dates
  • Current news and advocacy information related to financial aid
  • Financial literacy resources

JasperNet Email

  • Once activated, the MC email will be the approved channel of communication for sending official notifications to students.
  • Our offices keep records of all correspondence sent to students by email.
  • Students are responsible for this information.
  • Failure to retrieve or read email will not be an option at this new level of your education.
  • We encourage students to seek assistance in linking their personal and MC email addresses to eliminate the need of accessing separate accounts.


Responding to your Financial Aid Award Offer

New students who were offered federal, state, and/or institutional aid received a hard copy award letter with their acceptance letter. All students must review and respond to this award letter electronically. Current students will only receive renewed award offers online.

Requests for Missing Information                  

At times, our office may need further documentation or action by a student for financial aid and bursar-related purposes. Notification is sent to the student's JasperNet email for additional information, but students may also log on to Self-Service to determine the needed items.

Technical Assistance

JasperNet Email
Phone: 718-862-7973
Phone: 718-862-7914