Financial Literacy

Why Financial Literacy is Important

Learning how to use your money wisely now will help you make informed financial decisions and build a strong foundation for your future.

We firmly believe that money management is an important, practical skill set for all students to learn, and practice. Developing positive saving and spending habits will benefit you throughout your life.

Get Involved

While this educational program is neither mandatory nor applicable as course credit, we strongly encourage you to browse around. Take some free, short lessons. Schedule an appointment with a Peer Money Mentor. The Financial Aid Administration office will continue to offer related opportunities and events each semester.

Terms of Use

General Disclaimer

Manhattan College does not provide legal, financial, or tax advice. Financial literacy resources are provided for informational purposes only. Manhattan College is not responsible for any financial repercussions including, but not limited to monetary losses, property, or investments experienced by a student or affiliate as a result of accessing financial literacy content, as provided in all forms (website, in person, electronic correspondence, or written materials). Students should seek consultation with a professional tax and/or financial advisor before taking any financial decision or action that could have an impact on their financial situation.

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CashCourse is a free resource with tips and tools for managing your money.

Broad topics covered include financial basics, paying for college and economic survival. Get started today and learn more about:

  • Understanding financial aid
  • Paying for college
  • Creating a budget
  • Protecting your credit
  • Saving money
  • Setting financial goals
  • Renting an off-campus apartment
  • How to compare job offers
  • Understanding employee benefits
  • And much more!

TG Financial Online Program

The TG Learning Center is a free online resource that teaches students critical financial skills they need to succeed through short, engaging lessons. 

Why You Should Participate

  • Students will learn invaluable money management skills in a way that is easy to understand and relevant to their lives.
  • Students who complete the TG Financial courses will have their participation noted on their financial aid file and taken into consideration if an account review is ever required.
  • We may also request students to complete certain courses. This is especially true if a student submits an appeal for additional aid consideration, wishes to borrow loans, prepares for graduation, or fails to uphold satisfactory academic progress. 
  • Otherwise, you may "learn the hard way" by making future financial mistakes that may be more costly, long-lasting, and stressful.


1. Visit TG FinancialClick to access the site as a student.

2.  Register as a New User and log in.

3.  Click Launch Learning Center.

Complete the courses provided through TG Financial at your own pace. Lessons are 10-15 minutes long and interactive. Additional lesson topics are available under Course Catalog. See the FAQ section for more information and technical assistance. 

Technical Support

  • iPad users: This tablet device does not support Flash, which is required to access the TG Learning Center courses.
  • Use a Windows-based PC or Apple computer.
  • Enable pop-up windows in your Internet browser settings.

Peer Money Mentors

Peer Money Mentors are work-study/campus employment students who are trained and supervised by a financial aid administrator specializing in financial literacy. They are upperclassmen students who promote financial literacy on campus and receive ongoing support in their paraprofessional role. They believe that learning financial literacy is a key aspect of personal growth for students and help present at individual and group workshop sessions.

Common topics and skills discussed include:

  • Student Loan Debt Management
  •  Creating a Spending Plan
  •  Understanding Credit and Credit Cards
  •  Setting Financial Goals
  •  Preparing to Move Off-Campus
  • Preparing for Life after College
  •  Understanding Employee Benefits/Compensation
  •  Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft


The resources below can help you take control of your personal finances before, during, and after earning your college degree.