Graduate Tuition & Fees

The uncertainty of present-day costs makes it necessary for the College to reserve the right to adjust tuition and fees whenever necessary. In applying for admission, students and their families should anticipate future annual increases. Students enrolled in any 5-year program as an undergraduate student should contact the Financial Aid Administration office for guidance on the correct terms and conditions of tuition and aid.

Regular Fees

Graduate Education and Health per credit $900
Graduate Engineering per credit $1,025
Graduate Business per credit $1,025
Graduate Science per credit $940
Graduate School of Continuing and Professional Studies per credit $820
Tuition per credit for Undergraduate prerequisite courses $945
Registration Fee per term $105
Information Services Fee (commuter) per term
for students enrolled for 5 or more credits

Special Fees

OTHER FEES - 2016-2017
Non-Matriculation Fee $180
Returned check charge $75
Off-campus courses transfer credit $160
Graduation Fee (charged per degree/certificate program) $375
Deferral fee - optional financing tool, per semester $100
Each transcript record from the Registrar office $5
Late payment charge (per month on overdue balance) 1%

Note: Rates are effective May 1, 2016