Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Cost Worksheets: 2015-2016

Select the cost sheet that corresponds to the academic year you entered Manhattan College.

Note: Rates are effective May 1, 2015

Tuition & Fees

A college education is a significant investment, and Manhattan College is committed to providing each student with a foundation for their future success.  In fact, Manhattan College placed 33rd among more than 1,200 U.S. colleges and universities on the 2015 College Return on Investment (ROI) Report, which further demonstrates the long-term professional success of Manhattan graduates. Many of our students discover that by exploring financial aid and scholarship opportunities, the cost of Manhattan College is well within reach.

Manhattan College establishes a full cost of attendance (COA) budget that includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, transportation and personal/miscellaneous expenses. Students are only billed for tuition and fees and the cost of on-campus residency, but the other expenses are calculated into the student expense budget for the purpose of establishing need and awarding aid.

The uncertainty of present-day costs makes it necessary for the College to reserve the right to adjust tuition and fees whenever necessary. In applying for admission, students and their families should anticipate future annual increases.