Credit Balance Refund Request

Refund requests from credit balances cannot be processed until the completion of the add/drop period each semester.  The turnaround timeframe for refund check availability is 10-14 business days. Students who elect to pick their refund checks up in person must bring an official photo ID card for validation of identity. Submit a refund request form to Student Accounts and Bursar Services to begin the process. 

Alternative Ways to Use a Credit Balance 

  • Return excess funds back to a borrowed loan
  • Take no action, applying the credit balance toward future tuition charges
  • Contact a Student Accounts and Bursar Services cashier at 718-862-7961 to request application of the credit balance to specific anticipated charges (i.e. study abroad deposits, room reservation fee)

Refund Review Process

Credit balances resulting from outside scholarships, federal financial aid, and private loans are subject to regulated review and approval by Financial Aid Administration and Student Accounts and Bursar Services administrators.  Institutional and TAP awards are not refundable.

  1. Student submits a refund request form to the Student Accounts cashiering window
  2. The request is reviewed by a Student Accounts and Bursar Services administrator
  3. The request is reviewed by a Financial Aid administrator
  4. Approved refund requests leave the joint office for check creation
  5. Student Accounts and Bursar Services receives the physical check and follows student's instructions, mailing the check to student or securing it for in-person pick up

Refund checks are issued to the student

The student is the legal responsible party for their tuition account. Therefore, refund checks are made payable to the student. In some limited instances, refunds of credit balances on student accounts will be issued to a separate party; this occurs when:

  • PLUS Loan credit balances are refunded to the parent who borrowed the funds.
  • Outside scholarships returned to granting agency (in cases where we are unable to apply the funds as designated by the granting agency).
  • Credit balances are due to a payment from a third party where the payment was unable to be applied in accordance with the third party’s instructions.
  • The student instructs our office to refund a parent instead of him or herself.