Payment Options

10-Month Payment Plan

Manhattan College partners with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to allow currently enrolled students to pay the out-of-pocket cost with 10 monthly installments interest-free from July 1 to April 1. An annual, non-refundable fee is charged for TMS participation.

Annual Enrollment Fee

  • Enrolling before August 31: $95
  • Enrolling after August 31: $115


  • Customizable - You choose the overall amount you wish to pay out-of-pocket. The monthly amounts are divided evenly across 10 months. You may also make adjustments to your plan, if needed.
  • Scheduled - Payments are due on the first of each month, July 1 - April 1.
  • Multiple payers - Up to five individuals can sign up for a TMS monthly budget plan for one student.

How to Enroll

Enrollment is fast and easy. For quickest plan activation, enroll online at today, or have your information available and call 1-800-343-0911.

Once enrolled, you will be billed monthly in accordance with the Monthly Payment Schedule printed on the planner mailed to you. Automatic monthly deductions from checking or statement savings are available at no additional cost. 

Contract Example

Direct Cost of Attendance  42,220.00
 Loans, Scholarships, Aid  (16,473.00)
Out-of-Pocket Cost (contract amount) 25,747.00
Monthly Payment Due (July 1 - April 1) 2,574.700

Billing Statement

As a TMS participant, you will receive a billing statement each semester from Manhattan College. This statement should reflect your TMS payments made to date as well as your remaining contracted payments. The balance due on your statement, which includes charges for the current term, must be covered by your remaining scheduled TMS payments for that term. 

Did your monthly plan fall short?

Payments made to TMS for July 1 to November 1 must clear fall term charges; payments made December 1 to April 1 must clear spring term charges. 

Students will receive a bill for any difference due after taking remaining scheduled payments into account for the term. You may submit a payment for the difference directly to Manhattan College or adjust your TMS contract. 

Out-of-Pocket Payment Methods

Students are always able to combine out-of-pocket payments with financial aid, outside resources, loans, or a monthly payment plan to customize a payment arrangement that best meets their needs and those of their household. The student’s campus ID number should be included on all payments. 


  • Cash payments should be made in person at the Student Accounts and Bursar Services window in our office.  Please note, if a student, parent or third party makes cash payments in excess of $10,000 on behalf of a student, the College is required to obtain their name and social security number in case it is necessary to file an IRS Form 8300 at a future date. 

Credit Card

  • Manhattan College does not charge a surcharge fee to those who pay toward a student account balance with a credit card. Accepted credit cards include:

- MasterCard

- Visa

- Discover

- American Express

How to Submit an Online Payment

Conveniently accepts secure, online payments toward one’s student account balance using:

  • Credit cards
  • Savings and/or checking account
  • There is no surcharge fee charged by the College.

Once logged in to Self-Service, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Student > Student Account
  2. From there, select Make Payment/Account Summary by Term
  3. On the drop-down menu, select the current academic semester
  4. Review the charges and balance, then click Make an Online Payment Now.
  5. Choose your method of payment and indicate the amount you wish to pay.
  6. Click Next, review the information you submitted, then Next again to get routed to our secure third-party payment site, Tuition Management Systems (TMS).
  7. Enter in your payment details, submit your payment, and print your receipt.

Paper Payment Methods

- personal check

- certified bank checks

- money orders

Please ensure your selected paper method designates the payee as ‘Manhattan College’, and details the student's name and campus ID number on the memo line. You may submit paper payment methods in person or mail it to the following address:

Manhattan College Bursar
4513 Manhattan College Parkway
Miguel Hall, Room 100
Riverdale, NY 10471

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer payments are initiated at your bank. Below is the information required to provide to your bank to be sure the transfer is processed successfully.

If your bank charges a fee for the wire, you need to pay that in addition to the amount you wish to wire.  A receipt of your wire should be sent to or faxed to 718-862-8027 to ensure it is appropriately credited to the student tuition account in a timely manner.

ABA/ Routing  Number: 021000021
Account Name: Manhattan College
Account Number: 081000030
Swift Code: CHAS US33 (for wires outside US only)
Student Name: First___________Last____________
Student ID: 000____________
Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA
Bank Address:                     

270 Park Ave.

43 Floor

New York, NY 10017-2014

Tuition Remission and Institutional Grants

If your tuition is being covered by a miscellaneous institutional grant, such as a graduate assistantship, or tuition remission (TR), the necessary forms must be completed and presented to the Student Accounts and Bursar Services office in lieu of payment by the tuition due date. Any portion the open account balance not covered by the grant or TR must also be paid by that date.

Late fees will accrue on any account where the required forms/payments are not received by the tuition deadline.

Sponsored Billing

It is the student’s responsibility to provide any third party with a copy of the billing statement. The student should inform sponsors of the tuition due date listed on the bill. Manhattan College does not currently provide third party access to billing information.

Students may visit the Student Accounts and Bursar Services office to establish a “billing address” which is different from their permanent address. Only billing statements, no other College correspondence will be sent to that address.

Tuition and fees are due prior to the start of each term even if they are being paid by a third party. If a sponsor does not pay by the due date specified, late fees will be assessed at 1.0% per month. If payment from a sponsor for the current term has still not arrived by the time of pre-registration for future terms, the student will be unable to register or access transcripts. 

It is the student’s responsibility to pay any charges or outstanding amounts not paid by the sponsor. If a sponsor fails to pay the billed amount by the designated due date, the will be responsible for payment. To determine if a sponsor has paid, please check the student account summary on self-service. If a sponsor has not paid, please contact them directly.