Safety Awareness and Personal Protection 

  • Program your cell phone: Program your phone to speed dial 911 and the Manhattan College 24/7 emergency Public Safety number: 718-862-7333.
  • ICE: Assign an "In Case of Emergency" number (ICE) in your cell phone. Rescuers are trained to check your cell phone for an ICE entry. This is the person you want contacted in an emergency.
  • Campus Pathway and Garage Emergency Blue-Light Phones: These are located throughout Manhattan College. They are located on each garage level and certain remote campus pathways (see details below).
  • Pathways: If possible, travel on well-lit pathways and be accompanied by another person.
  • Suspicious Activity: Notify Public Safety of any suspicious persons, conditions or objects. We will respond and investigate.
  • When Alone: If possible, telephone ahead to your destination that you’re on the way.
  • Do Not Wear Headphones/Bluetooth Devices: These inhibit your ability to hear approaching automobiles, audible alerts and individuals who may be intent in harming you.
  • Stay Alert: Focus on surroundings. Avoid texting while walking, especially when crossing streets.
  • Plan-Seeking Assistance: Know where to obtain help in the event you may need it; pre-plan escape routes.    
  • Prevent Injury/Falls: Do not carry bags with the hand strap secured around your neck, you must be able to let go in the event you are involved in a struggle. Have bag draped over shoulder to prevent injury.
  • Calm and Collected: Remain as calm as possible, don’t engage in a verbal confrontation and stay focused on getting help.
  • Reality: Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself in certain situations. Consider escape routes and yelling for help. Your safety is far more valuable then any material items.

Every emergency situation is different. Only you can decide what course of action is appropriate.

Residence Hall Safety and Security 

  • Keep all the doors and windows locked, and do not allow or encourage unauthorized visitors in your hall, room or suite.
  • Do not lend your school ID to anyone.
  • Keep the combination number to your room confidential. Do not share it with anyone, including friends.
  • Know the location of fire extinguishers, alarms and emergency exits.
  • Follow campus rules about candles, incense, smoking, etc. (See student handbook.)
  • Mark all equipment using an identifier and keep a record of all serial numbers.
  • Use a cable locking device to secure computers, television sets, etc.