Public Safety Contacts

The Public Safety office is administered by three former law enforcement professionals.

Juan E. Cerezo
Director of Public Safety

David R. Erosa

Assistant Director of Public Safety

Public Safety office
Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Jasper Hall, ground level
24-hr. non-emergencies/main booth 718-862-7500
24-hr. emergencies/main booth 718-862-7333

Other Important Telephone Numbers

Police/ambulance/fire direct 911
50th Precinct non-emergency 718-543-5734
Horan Hall Public Safety booth 718-862-7389
Lee Hall Public Safety booth 718-862-7386
Overlook Manor Public Safety booth 718-862-7376
Garage Public Safety booth (Manhattan College Pkwy.) 718-862-7853
To report an incident/fire/medical emergency 718-862-7333
Parking information 718-862-7240
Counseling Center 718-862-7394
Residence Life office 718-862-7438
Health Services 718-862-7217