Parking and Permit Violations

Anyone who uses the College parking facilities are required to abide by Manhattan College parking regulations, instructions given by Public Safety personnel and vehicle traffic signs.

The following parking actions are prohibited:

  • Parking in a campus fire lane or blocking a fire hydrant (note: the Horan Hall service road is considered a fire lane)
  • Parking in handicapped space without authorized hang tag
  • Parking in an unauthorized area may result in the vehicle being towed away at the owner’s expense
  • Blocking other vehicles may result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense
  • Tampering with or removing a college parking permit without permission
  • Resale of a parking permit
  • Involvement with the production or use of a forged parking permit
  • Displaying an expired decal or an unauthorized parking sign

Any violation of the aforementioned parking-permit regulations or directives may result in suspension/loss of parking privileges and/or subject you to college disciplinary action.

Parking Fines and Late Fees

Summons may be issued for parking violations. Parking-fine appeals must be submitted in writing, to the Public Safety office within 10 days of receipt. Any appeals made after 10 days of issuance will not be considered for review. Fines are to be paid using "Pay Online" link below within 14 days of issuance of ticket. After 14 days, a $5 late fee will be assessed and a public safety hold is placed on student account. Public Safety holds may delay student affairs such as class registration and receiving a college diploma. NOTE: Public Safety holds are removed within 1 business day from payment date. 

*For recently issued tickets, please allow 5 business days to reflect on self service account.