Employee Parking and Fees

We encourage all Manhattan College employees to please renew their employee parking permits between April and before move-in weekend of each fiscal year.

Employee Type Parking Hours Locations Annual Fees
7 a.m. – midnight General Employee Lots:
Broadway Parking Facility levels 1–3
Lower Forecourt
Gourmet Dining
Sodexho Housekeeping
7 a.m. – midnight Broadway Parking Facility, levels 1-3    $100
Part-time employees 7 a.m. – midnight General Employee Lots    $50
Full-time employees 24 hours Broadway Parking Facility Overnight, levels 4 & 5    $1,120

Vehicle Registration and Payroll Deduction Form

Permit Procedure

  • Please print, fill out and fax application and payroll deduction form to 718-862-8017 or send through campus mail to the Public Safety office.
  • Any cash, check or credit card payments must be made at Student Financial Services (FUND-11000, ORG-4510, ACCT-5804). Completed applications must be presented upon payment process.
  • If you presently hold a permit and you no longer require one for the upcoming academic year, contact the Public Safety office by phone or email.
  • All vehicles must be registered and insured. Parking is limited to conventional non-commercial motor vehicles and management reserves the right to limit or terminate parking privileges at any time.