Resources for International Students

Obtaining Your Visa

Instructions for Paying the SEVIS Fee – F and J Visas
I-901 form
Western Union Payment Instructions for I-901 – F-1 Students
Western Union Payment Instructions for I-901 – J Visas
Instructions for Applying for an F-1 or J-1 Visa Overseas
Welcome Brochure for Exchange Visitors

Maintaining Your F-1 Student Status

Academic Advisor’s Recommendation for Extension of Study Time
Request for a Reduced Course Load Due to Academic Difficulty
Request for a Reduced Course Load Due to Program Completion
Request for a Reduced Course Load Due to a Medical Condition


Handbook for International Students 2011–2012
Handbook for J-1 Professors and Scholars 2011–2012


On-Campus Employment

On-Campus Employment Regulations for F-1 Students

Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training Regulations for F-1 Students
Recommendation for Curricular Practical Training
Student Checklist for Curricular Practical Training

Employment Due to Economic Hardship

Off-Campus Employment for F-1 Students Due to Economic Hardship


Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Frequently Asked Questions About Practical Training for F-1 Students
Optional Practical Training Regulations – Pre- and Post-Completion
Optional Practical Training Procedures – Before Graduation
Optional Practical Training Procedures – After Graduation
Advisor’s Recommendation for Post-Completion OPT
Optional Practical Training Regulations – Counting Days of Unemployment
Optional Practical Training Regulations – Kinds of Employment Allowed

17-Month STEM Extension of Optional Practical Training

Optional Practical Training Stem Extension Fact Sheet 
STEM Designated Degree Programs 
Optional Practical Training Procedures for STEM Extension
Request for Optional Practical Training 17-month STEM Extension

Academic Training for J-1 Students

Academic Training Regulations for J-1 Students
Academic Advisor’s Recommendation for Academic Training


Travel While on Post-Completion Academic Training
Travel While on Post-Completion Optional Practical Training