Alcohol-Wise – Enrollment Instructions

Alcohol-Wise is an online alcohol education course. To complete the course, you'll need internet access and an email address.

To receive credit you must follow enrollment instructions and enter the correct control number:

  • Go to 3rd Millennium Classrooms.
  • Click on Begin Enrollment on the left side menu and select College.
  • When you are directed to enter the control number, enter the code MHNCAW.
  • The course fee is $35 and you can pay online by debit/credit card.
  • You will receive a password immediately on the screen and by email.
  • You will receive an email 30 days after you complete the course reminding you to complete the 15 minute follow-up.
  • It takes one hour to complete the course and you can login and out as needed. Upon completion, you and the notifying administrator at your school will receive a completion notification by mail.
  • Print out a copy for your records.

For more information, contact:
3rd Millennium Classrooms
6507 Grove Creek Drive
San Antonio, TX 78256