Meet the Peer Career Advisors


Kyle Kennedy ’15

School of Engineering, Civil Engineering Major

Career Interests: I would like to specialize in structural engineering and work for either a construction firm or a consultant firm. Eventually I would also like to get my Masters and eventually my Professional Engineering license 

Personal Interests: I look forward to going to Haiti on the LOVE Haiti trip in January. I enjoy playing soccer and lacrosse and being involved in making a difference in the global water crisis by working with charity: water. I am actively involved on campus and was also an Orientation Leader this year. 

Why did you decide to become a Peer Career Advisor? I decided to become a Peer Career Advisor because I enjoy helping people and I think it will give me an edge on my resume. It will also give me more connections on campus. 


Susan McCarthy ’15

School of Science, Computer Science Major

Career Interests: My career interests involve staying in the New York area working with technology and business. 

Personal Interests: Some of my personal interests include cooking, outdoor activities, fashion, making crafts, and reading books.  

Why did you decide to become a Peer Career Advisor? When I heard about the Peer Career Advisor position I immediately applied because I wished this service was available last year when I was creating my resume. I also enjoy working with my peers and want to help them avoid some of the mistakes I made.   


Sean McIntyre ’15

School of Business, Marketing Major

Career Interests: I am interested in pursuing a career in public relations within the fields of automotive, fashion, event, or editorial.

Personal Interests: I enjoy listening to new bands performing within New York City, trying new restaurants each week, visiting museums, exploring new places, reading and writing, and watching movies.

Why did you decide to become a Peer Career Advisor? I became a PCA because I want to help students become confident when interviewing with companies, and understand that they have all the necessary skills to land their dream internship/job. Being able to help a student with his future is extremely rewarding by watching a peer excel in his field of study.

PatriciaPatricia Speers ’15

School of Business, Marketing Major

Career Interests: After graduating from MC I would like to work in New York City for a smaller company in the marketing department. I enjoy branding and consumer behavior as well as having a lot of person to person interaction, so a career that involves any of that would be ideal. After I gain skills from working for other companies I would like to be an entrepreneur and start my own.

Personal Interests: Personal interests include reading novels and magazines, black and white movies, traveling to different cities, shopping, spending time with friends and family, anything relating to NYC, and entertaining.

Why did you decide to become a Peer Career Advisor? The Peer Career Advisor position interests me because I love helping people work on finding their ideal job and obtaining it through resume and cover letter edits as well as sharing personal knowledge about interviewing tips and networking. I also love connecting people that I know will get along really well and benefit from knowing each other.

NolanNolan Quinn ’15

School of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Major

Career Interests: My ultimate career goal is to conduct research in the field of robotics. I am fascinated by the developments in robotics by companies like Boston Dynamics and would love to help advance this cutting-edge field. I have interned as a research assistant exploring robotics competitions for an upcoming book.

Personal Interests: I often volunteer as a team mentor and as event staff for the FIRST Robotics Competition. I enjoy exploring New York City to learn and discover its amazing history. When I'm at home, I help construct a 3000 square foot miniature landscape with a model railroading club.

Why did you decide to become a Peer Career Advisor? I became a PCA to learn how to enhance my personal résumé. Through my training for this position, I have met this goal. Now I am pleased to use the knowledge I gained from my PCA training to help my fellow Jaspers improve their own résumés