What Can I Do With This Major?

Making the Transition from Classroom to Career

Students often wonder how to make the connection between the field of study and specific occupations. Some pursue an occupation that is directly related to their major and others find careers in areas outside of what they studied in school. Either way, it is important that you DO NOT limit yourself in any one particular area, but to seek opportunities both within and outside of your academic discipline, especially in the early stage of career development.

People change careers more often in today’s market, so it is essential to reflect on your personal career interests, work values and skills that would help you grow as a professional and transition to other career when you desire.  

Explore Career Paths

What Can I Do With This Major? is a comprehensive web resource featuring 80 college majors and corresponding career areas, along with typical employers and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities upon completion of a 4-year degree.


Remember that these options are not all of the occupations you might consider and we encourage students to conduct informational interviews with professionals or participate in Mentor Program to learn more about a particular career field.