Interview Tips

Do Your Research

Knowing about the position and company is vital to the job interview process. It lets the employer know that you're being proactive about your career. Look at a company's website and their profile in registers and employment directories. Magazines like Fortune or Business Week, and salary surveys may also help. Things to research:

  • Company mission
  • The product(s) it produces
  • Company history
  • Trends in the industry
  • Work conditions
  • Qualifications and training needed for the position

Know the Responsibilities of the Position

Match your strengths to the company/position. Once you have relevant company information, you will need to prepare to describe yourself to demonstrate that you will be a valuable addition to the organization. The best way to convince the boss that you can do the job is to illustrate how you have performed similar tasks in the past. Select accomplishments you want to emphasize based on what you know about the company and the position.

Prepare Answers for Difficult Questions

  • Once you have determined the skills you possess that best match the company profile and position description, you need to organize your thoughts so that your answers flow naturally. Experienced recruiters ask penetrating and often difficult questions. They have limited time and are skilled at getting to the point. Advance preparation allows you to illustrate good communication skills and express yourself in a well-organized, professional manner. Although you cannot anticipate every question, you can prepare your responses and practice answering difficult questions.
  • Recall and write your accomplishments ahead of time.
  • Follow each skill or accomplishment with a concrete example.
  • Describe your skills/accomplishments by telling a story, or painting a mental picture.
  • Use the phrase "that reminds me ..." when there is information that you want to share. 
  • Describe relevant experience that relates to the position described.

Prepare Questions to Ask

Take the time to develop relevant and insightful questions for each interview. Make a list of your own questions. Do not rely on generic questions. You should always ask questions because the employer will know that you are interested in the organization and the position. Keep questions focused on the position and company. Save salary and employee-benefits questions for after the offer has been extended. 

Arrive Early and Say Thank You

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your interview time, sign in at the front desk and wait in the reception area until the interviewer greets you. Remember to show off your verbal and non-verbal interview skills. Make sure you get the contact information from the interviewer. Write a thank you letter within 24 hours to the person with whom you interviewed. If you accept a job offer, please let us know! Complete the job notification form and drop it off in our office or fax it to us at 718-862-7483.