Dress for Success

Your appearance tells people how you feel about yourself as an applicant; it also shows how you feel about the interviewer(s), the company and the interview process itself. It may encourage the interviewer to take you and what you say seriously, and give you a boost in self-image and confidence, all of which are important advantages. For both men and women, the safest look at an interview is traditional and conservative.

Attire for Men

  • A button-down dress shirt
  • Polished black shoes
  • A blue, black or gray suit
  • Conservative tie
  • Black or blue socks

Attire for Women

  • A skirt that hits just above the knee, slacks or perhaps a pantsuit
  • Simple jewelry
  • Just a hint of makeup and skip the perfume
  • Polished flats or moderate heels
  • If you wear a skirt, panty hose may be the office standard in more conservative organizations

What is "Business Professional" Attire?

  • Suit: Neutral colors in a conservative style; Jacket and pants must match
  • Pants: The pant length should be about 1 inch above the top of the heel, avoid cropped pants
  • Tie: Conservative colors; it should slightly touch your belt
  • Skirt: Knee-length with no high slits and relaxed-fit

What is "Business Casual" Attire?

  • Jacket: A sports coat, casual jacket; trendier style may be acceptable; Jacket and pants do not need to match
  • Pants: Khakis, solid color slacks, dress pants
  • Tie: Optional
  • Shirt/Blouse: Knit sweater and cardigan set, polo shirt, casual shirt with collar