Social Action & Service Opportunities

“If you want peace, work for justice!”
— Pope Paul VI


“Justice is what love looks like in public!”
— Cornel West

Manhattan College is Lasallian in tradition.  CMSA seeks to instill in the college community a respect for all persons, and a concern for the poor and social justice.  

Through Social Action & Service experiences, students are able to advocate for those suffering from injustices, practice inclusive community through service, and reflect on the world in light of faith.


Social Action

Whether promoting fair trade, organizing a hunger banquet, or screening a film on human trafficking, Manhattan College students work for social change.

Catholic Relief Services Student Ambassadors work to mobilize campus engagement in tangible acts of solidarity with the global poor to build a more just and peaceful world!

JustPeace spreads awareness of social justice issues and takes action through advocacy and awareness events on and off campus. 

Manhattan College students and faculty recently created and introduced a low-tech water filtration system to Catholic Relief Services for use in the developing world — just one example of how we’re practically making a real difference in people’s lives.

Service Opportunities

There are a variety of service opportunities for students to consider:

  • One-day efforts, with organizations like CityHarvest and Habitat for Humanity

New projects are regularly developed in response to student interests. Have a suggestion? We’d love to hear it!

Contact us now to find out how to integrate social action & service into your busy schedule!