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Return to Campus

Top 10 Things to Know about Returning to Campus

The College looks forward to welcoming its entire community back to campus, as we plan to resume classes on August 31. It is important to note that this website is an evolving roadmap for the ways in which our community will safely return to campus. We will provide more detailed information as it develops. 

Here is what you need to know:

  • The success of this return will require every member of our community to work together as One Manhattan. Each of us must be ready and willing to create a culture of cooperation and responsibility, and to make a daily commitment to protect the health of all Jaspers
  • Face coverings are mandatory across the entire campus when it is not possible to social distance, as mandated by New York State guidelines.
  • Academic courses and experiences will be conducted in person whenever possible, following safety guidelines. Alternative instructional models, including remote, hybrid and synchronous in-person/online classes, will be considered as needed.
  • Reduced density to promote physical distancing will be strictly maintained in all classrooms, dining halls and other common spaces, including facilities and employee offices.
  • A new One Manhattan: Campus Health and Safety office will be established to ensure our safe return to campus, oversee logistics, and coordinate the implementation of policies, procedures, health and safety guidelines and initiatives, including the new Campus Ambassador Program.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of buildings and facilities will adhere to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, and one-way directional signage and instructional materials will be posted throughout campus.
  • There will be a 14-day period in August for resident students to move into residence halls, with staggered arrivals to allow for social distancing. 
  • Clubs, organizations and interest groups will continue to meet and hold activities through virtual means, social distancing and outdoors.
  • The College is instituting COVID-19 testing, contact tracing and quarantine efforts to protect the health and safety of our campus community.
  • Tutoring, advisement, mentoring and other academic support services will continue to be offered online and in-person, with all required social distancing measures in place.