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Return to Campus

Returning to Campus

As a Lasallian Catholic college, Manhattan is dedicated in all its operations to the health and safety of its entire community. This commitment guides our return to campus. The College has created its One Manhattan strategy: a social compact promoting new standards of behavior for COVID-19 awareness:

  • Providing remote access to classes for all students who are unable to attend in-person classes.
  • Safety instruction related to PPE, social distancing, good hygiene, etc.
  • Technology training for staff and faculty working or teaching remotely, including the ability to teach courses that are delivered synchronously to students in a classroom on campus and to students taking them online
  • Management training for administrators supervising staff in a remote/hybrid environment, incorporating EEOC/DOH best practices for the COVID-19 crisis
  • A new COVID-19/Return to Campus Office (One Manhattan: Campus Health and Safety) has been established to ensure a safe return to campus, oversee logistics, and coordinate the implementation of policies, procedures, health and safety guidelines, and programs, including the new Campus Ambassador Program
  • Students

    Whether you are returning or new to Manhattan, you will experience the uniquely friendly, supportive and stimulating environment that drew you to our Riverdale campus. 
  • Employees

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    Learn more about policies and protocols to support the health, wellness and essential work of faculty and staff.


  • COVID-19/Return to Campus Office

    upper portion of Smith building

    A new COVID-19/Return to Campus Office (One Manhattan: Campus Health and Safety) will be established to ensure a safe return to campus.