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Top Things Every Student Should Know

1) Take the One Manhattan Pledge: A Public Service Announcement

2) Resident students will be required to be tested on campus by Monday, August 31. Commuter students must also complete a COVID-19 test by Monday, August 31. Any student that previously received a positive COVID-19 test or antibody test may submit a copy of the positive viral test or positive antibody test to the COVID-19 test portal to satisfy the Manhattan College testing requirements. Please check with your insurance carrier for coverage before having a test. If you do not have health insurance coverage, you may access no-cost testing at these locations.

On-campus testing is available for commuter students by appointment on Monday, August 31. Students must first register with EnzoDirect using the following link.

3) Daily Symptom Tracker - You must complete the daily symptom tracker via the MC Glance app each day you will be on campus. You can also access the daily symptom tracker on Inside Manhattan in the Quick Links section. There will be individuals stationed at various campus locations checking your symptom tracker before you can enter certain campus spaces.

4) Daily On-Campus Pass - After completing the daily symptom tracker, students and employees will receive a green pass to be on campus for the day. Students that have a red pass should not be on campus that day and should return to their residence. Red passes may be generated from a variety of circumstances, including specific answers to the symptom tracker, close contact with a positive individual as determined by the contact tracing team, or an evaluation by Health Services. Faculty will additionally receive notifications from Jasper Connect as students require accommodations; these accommodations include remote learning for a short period of time due to health or other COVID-19 related reasons. Students should notify their faculty of any changes in status as they normally would. An orange pass indicates that an individual is not in compliance with the College's testing policies for campus access. Orange passes will be assigned for the entire semester to anyone who has not submitted a COVID-19 test, including students studying remotely and employees with remote accommodations. For more details on the daily on-campus pass, visit the Health & Safety page.

5) A face mask/face covering is required on campus for everyone, except while eating or alone in a private office or dorm room, with the door closed. Approved face coverings include, but are not limited to, cloth masks (e.g. homemade sewn, quick cut, bandana), surgical masks, and N-95 respirators. Face shields (without a mask) are not an acceptable face covering. Also, consistent with CDC recommendations, masks with one-way valves or vents are not permitted on campus.

For more information, please visit the CDC website for information on cloth face coverings and other types of personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as instructions on use, cleaning, and disposal.

6) Social Compact/EverFi Training

a) Social Compact - Jaspers care about each other - that is what makes Manhattan College such a special place to live and learn. Protecting ourselves and one another is more important now than ever before. The One Manhattan Pledge is our way of taking responsibility for the health and safety of our community and taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are encouraging every member of our campus community to review the pledge; if possible, read it out loud; remember why it is important; and sign it. Together we are One Manhattan. Please take the pledge, which you can find here.

b) EverFi Training - All members of the Manhattan College community are required to complete mandatory training in preparation for a safe return to campus. This training must be completed by Monday, August 31. Our online training vendor, EverFi, has provided us with the content for this training entitled “Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment.” You should have received the email from EverFi with a link to this training. If you have any questions, or have not received this training, please contact Vicki Cowan, assistant vice president of Human Resources at or Sheetal Kale, director of diversity and equity at

7) Dining - All dining options will be grab and go because of New York City protocols. Many of the same hot and cold options will still be available; however, all food will need to be taken outside of the dining location for consumption. Currently, Walsh Plaza and the parking lot of Kelly Commons are designated outdoor dining areas. Locke’s Loft will have one designated entrance and one designated exit to allow for one-way flow. Dining Services is adding a mobile ordering app to reduce lines. The mobile app will be ready shortly after the beginning of the semester. There will also be outdoor seating at other designated locations on campus. Stay tuned for updates and announcements.

8) Physical Distancing/Cleaning

a) Physical Distancing - Follow directional and physical distancing signage around campus. Be sure to allow some extra time to get to your class or activity.

b) Cleaning - Clean your work area (ex. desk, chair, computer keyboard and mouse) in each classroom before you sit down. You will have sanitizing wipes available in all of your classrooms.

If you live in a suite with a shared bathroom, clean the bathroom daily. You should also wipe down frequently touched areas inside your room, especially doorknobs.

9) Commuter Students - Commuters will have spaces available to them on campus throughout the day for studying, online class sessions and more. Commuter student study spaces include: Kelly Commons 5A, Kelly Commons 5B, Kelly Commons 5C, Cafe 1853 Atrium, and Cafe 1853. Spaces open to all students include: O’Malley Library, parts of the first floor of Leo Hall; and empty classrooms during blocks of the day, which will be announced by the registrar. Other spaces may become available later in the semester.

10) Email/Social Media - Regularly check your email and the College’s social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) for campus updates and procedures.

11) Important Offices on Campus

a) Health Services can be reached at 718-862-7217 and

b) The Counseling Center is available for virtual appointments by emailing or calling 718-862-7394.

c) Contact Tracing is a program designed to help minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus on campus. The contact tracing team works with Health Services and other essential departments in order to trace close contacts of any positive individuals on campus. Contact tracers are able to provide guidance to anyone on campus that will need to isolate or quarantine. Contact tracing can be reached at

d) Dean of Students: Members of the College community should report those who are not following protocols, including those not wearing masks, following social distancing protocols, or hosting gatherings that do not meet social distancing protocols. The Dean of Students office will receive and act upon firsthand reports from College employees via the One Manhattan Health and Safety Guidance Violation Form. The Dean of Students office will receive reports filed by students who do not serve as ambassadors or resident assistants, however judicial action may not immediately be taken in these instances. Students reported by their peers will be contacted by the Dean of Students office or designee regarding the content of the report received. Report Incident