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In-Person & Remote Learner Status

The following information is provided to help students understand how to declare themselves as a remote learner for the fall 2020 semester.


In-person learner – a student who is attending classes in-person on campus

Remote learner – a student who is attending class remotely via video conferencing over the internet

Required technology Please visit this web page for information about the technology required to support remote learning.

Attendance expectations for all students:

Students are expected to attend class at the scheduled times and as instructed by their professor, regardless of their in-person or remote learner status. As during normal times, students must communicate with their professor if they will not be attending class prior to the class meeting time. If they cannot communicate their absence prior to class time, they should notify their professor as soon as possible.

Actions Needed:

I want to be an in-person learner for the fall term

  • If you plan to attend classes on campus and in person this fall, you do not need to do anything as this is the default expectation.

I want or need to be a remote learner for the fall term

  • Students who are not returning to campus for in-person instruction must declare their remote status through August 17th.  If you want or need to be a remote learner for the term, you must log into your Self-Service and follow the directions. Students who are designated as remote learners cannot attend classes on campus. Remote learners can go to this website to read about the technology requirements needed to support remote learning. 

  • On or before Aug 17thYou may return to Self-Service through August 17th to change your selection on your own.

  • After Aug 17thGo to Jasper Connect and "Raise Your Hand" to make this request. 

I made my remote selection but now want to make a request to be on campus for the fall term 

  • After Aug 17th: Due to logistic and classroom space issues, any student who begins the term as remote and wishes to change their status to in-person must obtain permission to do so. If there is space available, you will be allowed to return to campus for in-person instruction. Go to Jasper Connect and raise your hand to make this request.

I am an in-person learner now, but need to be a remote learner for a short period of time due to health reasons or quarantine

  • If you need to become a remote learner for a short period of time due to health or quarantine issues, you must let all of your professors know of this change by contacting them directly letting them know when you plan to return to the classroom, and requesting any special instructions. You do not need to discuss medical details, but you do need to discuss the length of time that you need to be a remote learner

  • If you cannot attend class remotely, you will need to obtain a health accommodation through Health Services. If you are healthy enough to attend class remotely, you will do so. In either case, you do NOT need to change your in-person status in Jasper Connect as you will be returning to your seat as an in-person learner.

  • You may need to become a remote learner if a health flag is raised for these reasons: our Daily Symptom Tracker gave you a red pass, you have tested positive with COVID 19, or our contact tracing has identified you as having been in contact with someone who has tested positive. As you would do in normal times, you should reach out to each of your faculty members to receive any special instructions for remote learning in your classes.

Can I attend some of my classes in person, and some remotely?

  • We are not allowing for a mix of remote and in-person learning due to the increased complexity of planning and tracking. Students who are in-person learners are expected to attend all classes on campus at the scheduled times as directed by their instructors. Students who are remote learners need to log in and participate in the classroom instruction at the scheduled times and as directed by their instructors.